Monday, September 17, 2012

I Work Out!


When I first came to SL it was for the sole purpose of Role Play.  I am a writer at heart....and one of the places I found along my search was Perdition.  It holds a fond place in my heart because I met one of my dearest friends there and well...played a whole lot of fun things!  In any case, one day not last fall, but the fall before...I went and got on some sweats and cute lil shoes and my new hair from Truth...and I decided I was going to RP my Lawyer character out for a jog.  So I am all excited and I tp on over there and I go running around the sim.  Cause you know, I am jogging. 

Running running running....and then I get this IM...."Umm, I don't know if you know it or not....but your naked."

I stop....surly not.  I mean, his graphics are prolly messed up or wishful thinking, ya know?!  Only, then group chat opened up and someone else was like. "I just saw Krysta run pass naked!"

By this time I was doing Yoga in the park....naked.

I about died.  Just saying, I don't wanna be naked in Perdition.  I wanna be jogging in Perdition, in my new hair.  At least that part was on.  So I tped my naked butt outta there so fast and I was ...mortally embarrassed.  I really do think I died a little that day.  -sighs-  LOL BUT today when I threw on Intrepids new Track Suit, I was reminded of that day.  I am really excited about Intrepids growth.  Initially they had a very small inventory but it is growing every day and I love the new things the designer is coming out with. 

See mah ABS!  How cool is that?  I broke down, I went to go see Alena over at Pink Fuel....between Wow Skins and Pink Fuel, I feel like my love for any other skin is slowly drifting away....SO While scooping out that Alena skin, I found this cute little abs tattoo....-grins- I feel all...not sitting in this chair blogging right now, but


HA HA Enjoy guys, I hope you have a wonderful week!  Here, have a song and some credits!!

Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sea
Hair - LeLutka - Toni Hair in Coal Mine
Skin - Pink Fuel - Alena in Chai
Abs - Pink Fuel - Althetic Body/Cleavage Chai
Shoes - HOC - Lowtops

Outfit - Intrepid - Track Suit in Black/Red
Pose - Still Life - Whar babes come from!

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