Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Blogs & Boots

Recently, I was accepted into a group to blog for them.  I was totally excited at the opprotunity.  As a relatively new blogger, I was just eager! the items came in, I was finding many of them were not things I would blog.  They were not things I liked or ...I just feel like this is my platform here, this blog and what I put here, I should feel passionate about.  I certainly do not want to put something here I don't like....while a good review is great, they weren't bad quality items, just not anything I liked.  So then what?  What to dooooo?

I contacted the manager and explained that while I really appreciated the opprotunity, I didn't think I could keep up my end of the deal here.  I didn't want to remain in the group, getting free items, when I wasn't going to actually blog them.  It seemed unfair and wrong somehow.  So I did what I would have wanted someone to do with me.  I was honest. 

I explained that while they were quality items, none of them were anything I wanted to blog or buy and I couldn't, in good conscience, blog them.  I unjoined the groups and told the manager I would do one more advertisement for the group to help best I could. 

She responded that I was aware of the theme and that I was obligated to continue to blog and would be able to leave next month.

I was...shocked.  She wasn't rude at all, not at all, but the idea that I was OBLIGATED for a month to blog, regardless of my own likes, was...a shock.  I am not sure how to proceed.  I want to do what is fair and right, the expense of my legitimacy?  Is that the right word?  I mean...when I say "I love this!" I want to mean it....I don't want to fake blog!!! LOL

I don't know, I am not sure how to proceed other then to let it be and just be true to what I like and love.  What would you do?!

But in other news...GOOD NEWS..... ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Is officially open and I wonder if I am up to it. I wonder if what I love building is something others will love too.  We have had a few little highs this week....things that just encourage.  We were accepted into the Stores & Creators group, which YAY! makes me so excited.  We got all set up for the new SLoupon group too....another accomplishment.  The Autumn Coffee Deck is selling like hot yesterday we got these boots, for the sole purpose of putting them with a garden set....

Only....I love them.  They are too cute to do nothing with and we got invited to a fair coming up so we thought...Hey, lets do something with the boots.  6 pairs of boots, 8 variations of zippers, 4 packs of acorns, a search for pretty leaves, a couple sticks, and lots of skulls and candy corns later...with a snag of twizzlers...we had six pair of boots.  I can't take mine off....and maybe its cheesy to blog my own boots, but gosh I do really like them.

Even if after I boxed them, advertised them, and sent out review copies....I realized they were both left feet....-hangs head-  It's truly a reflection of me....RH was patient though and just said "You know, when I look up close, they look like two left feet."

"What's that you say?  Oh no no, its your graphics card, pay no mind..." as I scramble to fix them, then the ones in Marketplace, and then the ones in the store....-sighs-  I expect some detailed oriented blogger will tell you today "That ~*~ Inspired ~*~ Designer has two left feet."  

Well, it wouldn't be too far off the

Have a great day!!

Skin - LAQ - Tasha2
Hair - IREN - Ashley in Black
Shirt - BOOM - The Cashmere in Red
Vest - Secret Passion - Black Vest
Belt - CoCo - Calf Leather Belt in Brown
Jeans - Armidi - Grace Jeans - Ink
Boots - ~*~ Inspired ~*~ - Autumn Escapades Boots w/Leaves

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