Thursday, June 27, 2013


Hello Everyone....or rather all four who follow me here.  LOL So it's been two years with blogger and I've noticed a lack of traffic to test it out, I copied this blog over to a wordpress account without any syndications and simply posted my blogs on facebook like I normally do.  Well....I just wanna say in one day I have as many followers on my wordpress blog as I have had in two years in my blogger blog.  So....that being said I am slowly migrating to my new blog over there at Chocolate Chip Diamonds (  I need to contact all my syndications and get it all set up but  I will be posting there from now on and will no longer utilize this platform. Thank you so much for following and hope to see you over there soon!!

Hasta!  Krysta....

Oh LAQ Why Have You Forsaken Me?!!! WHY!!!!!

I don't think I am the only one who does it.....but when I find a skin I adore, all my huds, shoes, feet, nails, cleavage tattoos, lush, and tango's match that skin.  It takes a long time to do but once it's done, then you know when you put them on, everything is set.  Lately I've been a little....impatient maybe?  Sad...mostly.....I love love love my LAQ Susan skin.  She is grown up without being garish and soft without being a baby face....she's perfect.   But......BUT.....with all the new appliers for feet, hands, nails, jumblies, and the lot....I been feeling a little left out.  LAQ Hasn't put any of them out....I go back weekly to see if they have caught up with everyone and nothing.  I have resisted buying the SLink feet and hands because I want to wait for LAQ to get out their appliers....

My Attic
I am afraid it doesn't look like that is happening.  I haven't seen anything new from them skin wise in a bit.  I don't wanna put Susan away....but I am afraid if I don't, I will fall behind the rest of the advances in SL Fashion.  I want pretty nails and feet and hands and jumblies!  I WANT IT ALL!!

That being said....I did take off Susan today....It may be a while before I find one I love as much as her, one skin who looks, if that makes sense.  In the mean time, this beautiful Alena in Chai from Pink Fuel will do in a pinch.  It's a little less adult then I would like, but there is really no complaint on the level of quality of Pink Fuel skins.

Dragging myself out of my building block today, I went over to My Attic and snagged this adorable hair from ploom. I really love their styles over there...whenever I want something a lil more edgy, they always seal the deal for me and this hair gives me a nice beachy keen feel with the cute little stars that go perfectly with the Undine earring set from Bliensen + MaiTai.  Love 'em!
And all of it goes ....I wonder sometimes if designers con conspire....because the hair, the earrings....the go perfect with the new Letty Straples from .:Pure:.  The dress is really beautiful and the details around the top of the hemline gives it a really finished feel.  Also, the alpha fits me perfect and sometimes that is a shot in the dark!  I got a big butt and I cann't lie...O.O  It also comes with the bangles that are scripted with a resizer, yay!  You can grab this dress at the store for only 60L!  WHA?  Yep, that's what I said.. 60L!!

I also tossed on my nails from Jamman....v.5 is out....and my meshly feet from PXL..I am wondering if they will do the same appliers as SLink did...again, another one of those things I am holding out on buying more feet and hands for...

Under the Boardwalk Beach Event JULY!

Last, but not least....-wiggles brows- I grabbed this shot at the spot settled for the Home & Garden "Under the Boardwalk" Beach Event in's going to be a great event....all the items are at least half off original price and I've seen a ton of really cute items any summer home needs.....any beach needs.  There is going to be a beach party to start things off and tons of cute little gatcha machines to grab trinkets mark your calendars!!  I will post more about this event later!

Feet - Pixel Mode - Bare Feet
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Sapphire Night
Skin - Pink Fuel - Alena in Chai
Hair - ploom - Kat in Darkbrown

Nails - Jamman - Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Lip Stick - Pink Fuel - Elly Juicy Gloss Natural

Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Cross of Cordelia
Earrings - Bliensen + MaiTai - Undine Earrings
Bracelet - Letty Bangles w/ Resize

Poses - oOo Studio - Distance Poses

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pure Glitterati Whimsy.....

Pure Whimsy
This dress from Pure put me in a whimsical mood's such a pretty dress, soft colors and layers that make you feel like a princess.  So while taking my morning walk, I had to share with everyone this little piece of heaven.  I am really enjoying the new releases from Pure these days, they are right down my alley.  If you guys are looking for something beautiful, simple, and original, then Pure is the spot....oh did I mention inexpensive?  This dress is actually on sale for 60L until the 13th!  GO SUBSCRIBE and get another free dress!!!  How easy is that...and while you are there, peak through her newest designs.

Pure Glitterati Whimsy
I also am sorta inlove with these sandals.  Sadly, I don't have enough SLink feet, shoes, hands, and such.....I think I may go over and get her some point...gah!  But the sandals are super cute and so easy to match with my skin.

Don't forget to stop by Pure...Oh and there are some nifty things for men now too! Check out their online gallery here!

Also, the poses....I know I don't talk as much about them as I should....but they are all from Glitterati....she is having a great closing sale.  While I am really sad to see her go, you can steal you some great deals there until the 30th.  LUCKILY....she will still be on marketplace with occasional new releases....but at 100 to 75 linden a pop for some amaizing can't beat it!!  Let's send Katey off with a BANG!!!

Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sea
Skin - LAQ - Susan in Mocha
Hair - Truth - Tatiana in Expresso

Earrings - Misha - 3-Hoop Earring in Radiant Gold 
Shoes - SLink - Achillia Gladiator in Tan

Poses - Glitterati

Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Last Unicorn

Loney Unicorn
When I spotted this tail and horn at the Arcade Gacha Event.....from +Half - Deer the first thing I thought about was a movie I saw a long time ago, as a little girl.  It was called "The Last Unicorn" and I guess it always stuck with me because she was so sad...and so the moon.  It was just the impression the movie left with me and since then I always assumed all Unicorns were sad.....specially the one that Voldermort at on Harry Potter.....

The Last Unicorns

Now that I am finished showing off my Geek.....we have a great little pose cloud from another event.  Midsummer Night's Fantasies is on from June 6 - June 27th.  I really enjoyed the poses in it and although I wish it were mod so I could change the colors on the cloud, that's not happening at a Gacha event.....anyways....It comes with six different poses in each cloud so def worth a scoop through.


Skin - Glam Affair - Roza
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky
Feet - SLink - Jolie Barefoot Tiptoes
Shape - Krysta - Sibelle Ingmann

Hair - Magika - Length 
Freckles - L.Fauna - Freckled Nose
Tail - Half - Deer - Blossom Tail
Horn n' Ears - Half - Deer - Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Peach)

Cloud - Icons of Style - Heaven Clouds

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walk in the Sand...

Today has been a good day!   I got a few things settled that were...unsettling me.  I also found this outfit.....I mean, I know I've gone on about Indyra Originals already before but....I feel like I haven't said all that needs to be said.  Every time I go over there I find something new I love.  I love their new lines and how you get one outfit with accessories..and all the colors and appliers for what we'd pay for a shirt some places.  Seriously?!  Why are you still sitting here....
Indyra Originals - Gaia Pants Set
This outfit stuck out to me because lately I've been feeling a little beachy keen.  It begged a walk on the beach and it's exactly what I did...stopping along this new Beach Cottage from Inspired as I went.  It's a cute little hide away with scripted doors and a working fan...

But the outfit, Gaia Pants Set.....the mesh slacks are textured with the soft flowy looking texture that makes me think of water...or a mermaid.  And adding that I can also wear my Lush's with it well...again, why are you sitting here.  It comes with the necklace and a set of earrings how many colors?  OH right...SEVEN!
Inspired Beach House...
I think I may stay in it all summer....except I got the Elisne Trible Maxi dress too sooo...eventually I am going to have to come out of these.  -sighs-

Hope You are Having a Great Day!!

Hair - LeLutka - Scarlet - Bournville Fade
Skin - LAQ - Susan in Mocha
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes
Feet - Slink - Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoes
Nails - Jamman - Ultra Mesh Rigged Nails
Gloss - Pink Fuel - Elly Doll Glass Blush w/teeth

Sunday, June 2, 2013

She Wore An....

I promised myself a nice relaxing weekend.  With RH off doing...RH things....I've been left to my own devices.  I admit, relaxing is not exactly...easy for me but I promise I moved at a slow meandering pace as I finished off a few projects and dug into mesh!

Last year I promised myself I would never buy another bikini.  I had enough.  I mean, how many do you need? more, because when I went wondering through BOOM today I spotted the epic Yellow Polka Dot Bikini....THAT SHE WORE FOR THE FIRST TIME TODAY! Yes...of course you have to watch the video, its so adorable....and totally put me in the mood for a nice time at the beach.

I spent a good portion of the weekend finishing up the Series two of the Tote Beach Towel Rezzer and seriously, I wanted to just use it for myself!   So, tugging out the tote I skipped off to the edge of the beach and flopped it down, grabbed a soda, turned on the radio....and it's where I have been all afternoon.

Summer Time

Skin - LAQ - Susan in Mocha
Hair - Emotions - Aradia in Darkbrown

Feet - SLink - Pied Barefoot V3 tiptoes
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes

Shape - Krysta - Sibelle Ingmann
Glasses - LeLutka - Garbo in White
Bikini - BOOM - Infinity Dots Halter/Boyshorts in Yellow

Saturday, June 1, 2013



.:Pure:. Grace in Navy
So Home Expo has two more amazing days of shopping....but I've walked those sims all week and my feet are killing me!!  Today, I decided to do a little R& I grabbed this adorable number from .:pure:. , tied back my hair and headed out.  This little hideaway from ~*~ Inspired ~*~ offered the perfect place to relax and enjoy the early morning sunrise.  Amidst the sound of gulls and the crash of waves, the soft breeze of the morning I was able to snap a few shots.

Helmsman Cottage n' Grace

I have to admit, I am a sucker for cute little sailor like outfits.  It may or may not be because I was in the Navy myself when I got out of high school...(years and years but the sailor look has always been a classy fun look to me.  This outfit is from Pure and cost me less then a designer bag would in SL....speaking of, I think they had a few designer bags out....I need to go back and grab one.  BUT for now, I am heading back into the cozy little Helmsman Cottage, grabbing a book and maybe a nap in the bedroom....I know I know, it's still so early.

You can never have too many naps.

The Helmsman Beach Cottage - ~*~ Inspired ~*~

Skin - LAQ - Susan in Mocha
Shape - Krysta - Sibele Ingmann
Hair - Truth - Sadie

Earrings - BenS Beauty - Scarlet Earrings in White
Lipstick - R.icielli - Lipstick 11/07
Nails - Jamman - Ultra Mesh Fingernails

Outfit - .:pure:. - Grace Outfit in Navy
Shoes - Redgrave - Carrie