Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Great March Mesh Madness!!!

Tomorrow the March Mesh Madness is opening to the public!  They have a great selection of new spring Mesh outfits.  I remember my first mesh shopping trip and it was at JANE and you HAVE to stop through and see her spring line, its too adorable to pass up!

I got tons of JANE of course, but I found a new designer, well new to me, that I went BANANAS over..(yes, I sang it while I spelled it)!  coldLogic has a great selection of stylish chic designs that scream out to me...WEAR ME!!  This little combo is adorable and it came in a ton of color combinations.  I wanted to pick a pose that sorta showed off all the way the slacks fit...perfectly.

ALSO NEW?  For me...J.H. Couture. 

Sometimes Mesh looks odd or fits odd, I suggest you try ALL DEMOS!  I didn't...and I got a skirt from J.H. Couture that did this!

I did not get the demo and then I tried it with a few different poses -sad face- I really wanted this jean skirt too...maybe more sizes and more invisible???  I don't know, but it was making me sad.

So then I spoke with the designer.  Heh.  I am so out of it, I swear.  I didn't read the style card inside.  You need to adjust your shape just a wee bit.  At first I was like.  "Ew, I don't wanna do that, I like my shape." But really?!  KRYSTA YOU LAZY BUTT!  How much easier is that then standing on a pose stand and adjusting every little piece just right on regular clothes?  How hard is it to follow directions and just save the shape in the same folder of the skirt.  I DID IT! I LOVED IT! I WANT

Stayed tuned, cause I am about to go a little mad.  Not only did she have the awesome cute mini skirt, but some blazing hot heels...and the cutest little jacket and this amazing dress that looks like T-shirt gone Classy Office...okay, I just need to stop and show just look and then go there and buy her stuff!

Also a special thanks to the designer, Jada Humby, for being so helpful, I really did want the jean skirt to rock and sometimes...I am a dollop head and it saved me doing a bad blog on her things when it was MY FAULT!  So...please, try the demos...and read the notecards.  It will save you an outfit and a lot of stress -grins-

Glasses - [Gos] - Intuition Glasses
Shoes - Chain and Vine - Classic Pumps in Latte

Shirt Combo - coldLogic - robins jacket and tube navy/white
Slacks - coldLogic - trouser mazza smoke

Mini Skirt - J.H. Couture *Christina* Mini Skirt
Red Jacket - J.H. Couture *Tiffany* Belted Knit Jacket
Heels - J.H. *Caprice* Mesh Highheels

Dress - J.H. Couture *Victoria* Dress
Boots - J.H. *Batya* Leather Calf Boots in Black

Hair - Magika - Escape & Wasabi Pills - Monique
Jewelry - MG (Maxi Gossamer) - Giselle Opal Set Pink

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