Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Magic of Papillon Spring Fair & Hunt!!

Papillon Breedables are designed and created by Butterfly Bellflower.  They are a breedable like no other.  Butterflies, fireflies, dragonflies, wisps, all congregate in a garden community to grow, flourish, and build together!  Join us in celebrating the one year anniversary of these amazing little bugs in a Magical Hunt between March 17th & 25th! 

The hunt item, a small yellow flower pot, will be hidden all over the sim the Fair will be held on.  Look for your pots, buy them at 0 Linden, and enjoy the fair fun!  We will be hosting vendors, a maze of Papillon's releases over the year, not one, but two auctions, as well as butterfly races, trivia, and so much more.
Dare to be pulled the Magic of Papillon!

Vendors Interested in Participating, please contact Finn Lawksley or Kyrene Glendevon!


The BPS Winter Fair 2011 was a great success, with lessons about the Papillon breedables, games, free gifts, a huge auction with new releases, and to round it all off?  A big old party at the end where the winner of that contest got an amazing new flutter.  I remember how much fun it was, how many new vendors I got to see, and new people I met. 

So you can imagine my excitement when I am gearing up for the Spring Fair!  It's looking like it is going to be better than before in a whole lot of ways!

One, it isn't going to be only one weekend, but an entire week including two weekends!  What does this mean?  Well, more vendors, more events, more space, more prims, more more more...I am getting a little excited there.  Sorry!

So with all this extra, what is planned?  Well, I did get a sneak peak into the fair grounds...and I have to admit, it's definitely in theme with the Magic of Papillon.  With spaces for each of the Papillon bugs, the BPS is going above and beyond in their creation of this space.

I saw a Maze!
I saw a Temple!
I saw a Swamp!
I heard about a hunt!
I heard about flying races!
I heard about two auctions!
I heard about a HUGE BIRTHDAY PARTY!

So, when you working out your plans for March, you have to make a space for the Magic of Papillon Fair in your calendar. Begining March 17th, the Fair will run for an entire week and end with a great celebration for the designer and creator.  It is the one year anniversary event for Papillon afterall! 
If you are interested in becoming a vendor, please contact Kyrene Glendevon, Finn Lawksley or me, Krysta Ember so we can get you set up!  If you wanna help with an idea or design, send us suggestions...and by all means, if you are curious and excited about these Papillon Butterflies and Bugs, then become part of the Butterfly Preservation Society!!

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