Monday, February 27, 2012

Clowning Around @ EPOCH-Legend

I am a big fan of JuicyBomb.  I really enjoy reading her blogs and peeking into her flickr.  She inspires!  Today, I was combing through and read that someone had called her a 'shopping blogger' and not a 'fashion blogger'.  It had me poundering...what defines a blogger as fashion rather then shopping?  I mean, don't we buy what we think is fashionable?  I was really confused, but I would love love to hear what you guys think! 

Now, while you are typing up your responses, I jumped out of my box again today while going through the EPOCH - Legend event. I did not take it off all day, infact, I am still wearing it in world as we speak.  So, tell it Fashion...or Shopping?

Hair - [Love Soul] Clown for EPOCH-Legend
Make up - [Love Soul] - Clown Make up
Nails - Boudoir -  Pretty Pierrot
Tear Make up - Boudoir - Pretty Pierrot

Outfit - The Secret Store - Circus - Charcoal
Shoes - HOC Industries - MaryJanes in Red

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