Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Cause, The Goose, and The Dirty Dock

I have to do my part and since everyone is doing the blogs about the cherry is mine! You should make your way over to the Japan Relief and get something, anything, just do your part to help in whatever small way you can. We all know what a tragedy it is, but most times we shake our heads and wish we could do something. can.  So go do it!  SHOP for the CAUSE!
The blossoms are awesome in that they cover every very important part and so my starburst and jumblies are covered completely.  This makes me a very happy girl and I think the pictures look tastefully artistic...but you be the judge.

After taking my shots, I spent the morning yammering and drinking coffee with my dearest friend.  She has no boundaries matter how many times I tell her to stay off the island...she clearly..."Does what she wants" and invades on a regular basis like some alien sent to inspect, investigate, and harass...and she does harass.  The other day she gets on a chocolate high and horns her way into a skype call and chews and smacks her jaws in the call and skips off leaving her candy wrappers in her wake.  -sighs- I do love her.  She was bored and wanted to talk to someone, I get it.  It's totally fine, but my friend tells me.  "Krysta, next time she is bored, give her the goose!" HA HA HA I love the goose!

You should have the goose and I am not ashamed to say that I did spend nearly two hours talking to the goose myself.  Head over to *bellies* and get this goose.  It's snippy, witty, and full of entertaining diatribe that will keep your friends from horning in with chocolate smacking lips into your skype calls.  In theroy at least.

And actually, I don't think it is a goose at all, its a Mallard Duck....but hey, I am not correcting the creater, I just tell the Duck he is a Duck and he quips back that he is quite aware he is a goose.  All entertaining conversation with the animal stock of SL.

So back to our The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Cherry Blossoms.... 
It is running until April 10, 2011 so hurry over and get in some shopping and help the cause all in one great place.  I think...I shopped my heart out and you will see the whole result of that, no doubt, in the next few weeks. 

And yes, I did go a little crazy with the pictures, sorry!!!

And for your entertainment...what I like to call Coffee Conversation.  -shakes head-

Ky:  You got a dirty dock!
Krys: What?  What are you talking about?
Ky: You got a dirty dock!  It has solo naughty poses on it?!
Kry: -Blushes- You know you need to stay off my island!  It's private over there!
Ky: Oh lawd, here comes Sister Krysta!  Putting on her sister hat and pulling out the hymnal "Laaaa Laaa Holy Holy Holy!"
Krys: SHUT UP! 
Ky: Your one of the most sensual people I know but as soon as I bring the topic up you go all Holy Innocent Krysta on me, singing Amazing Grace!
Krys: OMG!  I am not!...Thats private stay off my island!
Ky: Thing is...I thought it was OUR island and I am waiting for the ban lines to go up! Personal Property...Precious Secret Land!
Krys: least you can take a hint..right?  -rolls her eyes-
Ky:  Well..I like your dirty least.  The solo positions are cool.
Krys: -faceplams- I know..
Ky: Except I gotta get my items in front of God and Country.
Krys: -laughs so hard- STAY OFF MY DIRTY DOCK!
Ky: We need to make our house together like roommates.
Krys: just want me to get on the dirty dock with you!  NO!
Ky: We could entertain together...and it will be so much fun!
Krys: On the dirty dock?
Ky: See how you think! I don't know where the good sister went...but bring her back.
Krys: Stops talking to her.
Ky: Well, if you don't let me on the dirty dock, I have to get my own and that's just another sixty some odd prims on the land.
Krys:  Why are we arguing about pixel land? 
Ky: Cause, its your precisous private land...and I like the dirty dock.
Krys: you can have the dirty dock....I will move it over there later.
Ky: No, we don't need a dirty dock where anyone can get Items...just leave it there...I just didn't know I was banned from the dirty dock!
Ky: Mmhmm....

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