Thursday, March 31, 2011

City of Perdition

I should stop!  I should, but I have a list lined up and can't stop until I get through it.  Next? 

I have been role playing here for about 8 months now and I've had my ups and downs but there is no doubt that the sim is done up perfectly for the type of RP Perdition boasts.  There is not, to my knowledge, a more diverse modern day role play game on the grid.  I did look and many will cry out CRACK DEN! Well...I did say my knowledge and I wouldn't go over to someplace called Crack Den if my Mama begged me with a hundred dolla bill ya'll!

I joined Perdition for one major reason, though I remain for many more....I love the writers.  I came to Role Play from forums, journals, where the level of writing is different.  I was despondent that SL didn't carry the same caliber of writing I was used to.  It was such a great platform.  After a long line of disappointments and such...I found Perdition.  Now, I prefer some good old fashioned fantasy RP but...I will always go where the words are, where the skill is, and so Perdition is my home now.

It is a great example of a city build.  There are tons of little spaces to be, parks, buildings, anything you could possibly need for Role Play.  Now, I could get into the awesomeness of the staff, the people, the stories but I am pretty sure the blog has a limit or how much I can put in, so for the purpose of keeping it short, I will leave a link to the forums, website, and SLURL for your exploration...and show off my city below!

On to the visuals...

This is my favorite place in Perdition.  I have had...a ton of great role play right here in the market.  The oranges aren't that bad either.

Again, love this spot.

Second favorite place.  It was a hotel and there is a radio station on the top.  I saw someone jump off the roof once.  Great fun.  But now, I think it still has the radio station but is turning into a club.  I

No city is complete without a park!

This one makes me hungry for some reason.  I think its the pizza shop right across from the local diner. Hmmm nums.

The bad part of town...I never go there...cause I don't want to get robbed and stuff.  But that is the awesome sauce club I always hear about.  LOL

Just to show the diversity...really I think the place has it all, there is no reason to feel like you don't fit! 

Come on!  If you don't think this is an awesome SIM build then I don't know what to tell you people!  Check it out yourselves! -blows bubbles-

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