Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Business in a Jiffy

Two in one day!  How do you like that?  I am afeared (I made that word up I think or def used it wrong...I take creative liberties with English on a daily basis...this is your warning.) that I am addicted.  I've been combing through blogs for hours, looking, exploring, learning...and have come to the realization that if you in SL and you say.  "I am bored..." You aren't trying hard enough to get involved.  There is too much to do and see to be bored and with the rate of creation's never ending, sim?

So, today's fashion dilema...I RP as a lawyer in the great city of Perdition.  I will be getting to that sim soon, be prepared...but I am finding it harder and harder to find a style that is between professional and casual...without compromising my darling characters sense of style.  So, this is what I finally decided on.  I dig it.

The undershirt is a must...must have.  It's color change and perfect for those 'show too much' outfits.  It seriously, for me, made the day!

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan 04 [Mocha] Glow Skin
Shape ~ LAQ - Glow Shape [2.3] (I altered it of course, they are modify and copy!)
Eyes ~ [croire] - murky eyes (swamp slime)
Hair ~ Fri. - Victoria - Cranky Brown

Nails ~ [PM] Sculpted Nails V2 Soft Brown
Bracelet ~ [Armidi Giasaci] - Summer Stacked Bangles - Assorted 1
Necklace ~  Prinny's Prims Fine Jewelry Diamond - Star Double- Looped Chain Necklace (It was a gift <3)
Shoes ~ Republic - Aly Boots Ivory
Pants ~ [Pink] - Director High Waist Creme Pant
Undershirt ~ Nyte'N'Day - Division Tank
Shirt ~ Kyoot - Foreboding Blouse (Merlot)

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