Wednesday, May 1, 2013

When Galaxies Collide......


Admittedly, I am a geek.  I don't mind it so much, I think it's pretty awesome.  So when I spotted the Twi'lek at the Aeva Heartsick Fundraiser.....I may or may not have, accidently, not on purpose, squealled a lil bit.  OMG HELLO!  If you play Star Wars....then you KNOW the awesome hotness of the Twi'lek.  Currently, my Twi'lek is a to stay true as I could here, I pieced together this fierce rawr outfit.  Oh oh please, we need a catrillion of these in SL running about.  At ONLY 100 LINDEN for an entire avatar with MESH FEET, EARS, and Parts....oh gosh, in pink and green and blue and....ok ok why are you still reading...please go get one!

WAIT WAIT!!!  I have to tell you about the whole....okay...for 100L you can get ear cones, three different type of attachments (Those 'ear' like things hanging down...those aren't ears..) but you get plain, stripes, and dots.  A few different options of skin and cleavages, jewelled headpieces, eyelashes thick and's a great steal for 100 Linden and I highly suggest grabbing it up!

Be a hot amazing alien woman with hips that dun lie!

Beyond this skin, you will find a ton of great designers supporting Aeva Heartsick in her time of's a good cause to go shopping is what I say!

Here is the LM

Skin - Aeva Heartsick - Twi'lek - Rutian Light w/ Natural Cleavage
Shape - Aeva Heartsick - Enchant Shape
Eyelashes - Aeva Heartsick - Eyelashes -Short
EarCones - Aeva Heartsick - Twi'lek Ear Cones Rutian Light
Jewelled Headpiece - Aeva Heartsick - Twi'lek Jewelled Headpiece Rutian Light

Jacket - Opium - Steampunk Jacket n Bra
Boots - Lassitude & Ennui - Thecia Boots in Gray
Jeans - COOL BEANS - Black Jeans
GUNS n POSES - Bounce This Pose - Girls Gun Pose Pack

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