Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Great Boob Debate....

OMG, Becky, look at that girl's Lush's
Hey Becky....Lookit her BOOBS....o.o

Admittedly the style and fashion in SecondLife is vast and very diverse.  While some things I oogle over for hours, drool in large amounts, some I could do without.  It is only a personal preference.  I would never say "Oh, I am just not into Goth" because I have a secret stash of Gothic Badashedness in my inventory filled with skull boots, ripped black tights and such.  I wouldn't ever say I am one thing or another....I think style is simply that....ones personal preference in what they wear.  What makes them feel beautiful, powerful, relays an emotion.  Least for me anyways.

WHAT IS SHE GOING ON ABOUT?!!  Well....Lola's and Lush's of course!!!  I want to always try something out before I actually give an opinion on it.  I bought the Lola's when they were sculpts....then again when they were prims.....and then bought a pair of Lush's.

Indyra Designs - Contiga Denim Jumpsuit
I have, personally, no desire to walk around my daily SL life with my jumblies six feet in front of me....two feet in front me....heck even one foot....but the idea of these breasts just held my attention.  I felt for sure, with all the options, there was a way to wear them that didn't make me feel like I would fall face first into the cement from the weight of them.

Sometimes just looking at them makes my back hurt.  He He.  Still I was determined.  I wanted the advantage of a more realistic looking set of jumblies.  If, with all the options, I couldn't manage to make them feel beautiful to me....for me...then there was a problem.  I found it hard to find fashions that I enjoyed in them.  But over the last few months, more and more designers are cashing in on the Mesh Jumblies train.  I think they'd be silly not to.  NOW We can get skin designers to actually match their skins to our jumblies!  How awesome?  Pretty Awesome.

So while sitting on the sidelines, watching, waiting, trying out my own....I have decided they are well worth the purchase.  Sure, I may get accosted on the street and hear with shocked tones..."KRYSTA YOUR BOOBS!" (That....actually did happen....thanks Heavenly and Honey -.-;;)  But it's only because sadly, not everyone can see past the   Well, I think they should enhance my form, not overwhelm it...and that's just MY Style. 

Lush Mesh Breasts
I hope you boobs....cause I do.  I look forward to seeing more designers check into the appliers so I can wear them more often....right now I am working with what I got here.  -winks-

WHAT I GOT IS SOME AWESOME SAUCE INDYRA DESIGNS!!!!  This Contiga Jean Jumpsuit set comes with not one, not two, but four difference colors in ONE PACK....with APPLIERS!!!  I hate having to buy an outfit and then pay extra for the appliers.....a happy girl this does not make, but this set was super classy, sexy, and well, everything I expect from Indyra....pretty darn perfect.  Paired with these Pixel Mode Shandra wedges I got last year, its a sure winner for my SecondLife Closet. 

Now, I have both Lola Tango's Mesh Breasts and the Lush Mesh Breasts.  Reason?  Well, they are two different shapes of jumblies.  I like to think...the Lush Mesh is how I look with bra on....and the Lola's are that slope that happens when you take off your bra.  Both are realistic looks to me, in different ways.  I love having the option of both.  Pictured are the Lush dun get to see mah naked jumblies, just sayin!

I bought this skin recently as well, from Apple May....she has the appliers with her skin to match it up with your mesh breasts and it works pretty easy.  Actually, it all works really well once you get settled in.  I admit, there are growing dearest and best friend finally took the plunge and we had to set aside time to actually get naked, sit on some stands, and fix ourselves.  I like to call that a spa day!

Usage wise, I really like the HUD on the LUSH can put your appliers in and store them there and never have to wear the other attacher again. Very cool. 

In all....don't take a look at someone walking along and judge the breasts on her.  That's just her style....your breasts don't have to do anything but match your style.  Like real life, we all come in different shapes and grab a demo, mess with the sizes, the tones, and give them a chance!

Hair - ploom - Long Day Dipped 2
Skin - (AMD) - Kat in Carmel
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes
Lipstick - R.icielli - Lipstick 11
Eye Shadow - {D.A} - Marine 3Dimensional
Shape - Sibelle Ingmann - Krysta
Nails - Jamman - Ultra Mesh Fingernails
Outfit - Lola - Contiga Denim Jumpsuit - Blue Wash
Shoes - [PM] - DW Shandra w/Tita Toes in Black
Breasts - deviant - LUSH breast 1.3

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