Sunday, March 17, 2013

I Can't Stop Singing....

Guess who's back...back again.....COCO's back....

Okay, for some reason today I am stuck in the song land.  Last year, I recall a sale at COCO for going out of business.  I was distraught....distraught enough to go buy everything just in case I never got the chance again!!!

Well.....I missed them, I admit it.  I enjoyed the designers style.  I loved the fun comfortable fashions spattered with great pieces every wardrobe needs.  Over the last year, new designers have popped up....but every time I put on my favorite brown knee high boots, I thought about COCO.

*BOOM* Manchesters

This week, wandering through the Fashion Fair, I spotted an odd thing....a very odd and exciting thing....a COCO the FAIR.....yes, I ran in looking and thinking.  "Really? MESH!!  Oh Oh" I admit and without shame...I may or may not have done the pee pee dance as I bought up everything there and then tped to their old store site and bought more things there....

All the while.....the pee pee dance continued.

I wanna talk about this outfit....because it came together so effortlessly and I really just fell in love with the look of it.

The manchester in khaki pants are from BOOM.  I can't get enough of these pants.  They are a great blend of classy and comfortable for me.  Pair them with heels, pair them with flats....dress them up or dress them down....they are definately slacks you need to grab a pair of.

Let about this shirt.  Hold on, let me turn around and show you my favorite part of it....look, see how it sorta hangs over the pants.  I...LOVE....THIS...SHIRT!  It just looks touchable soft...and the little silver studs on the collar just give it that little edge.  I really do love this shirt....actually the MESH line over at COCO is exciting and I am so eager to see this designer back in action!
*COCO* Cropped Sweater OMG
I feel bad...they may have been back a while now and I am just out of touch....but for me its new and yay so WOOT!

The heels are from G-Field.  Gosh the shoes there...are a lil bit addictive.  And oh so cost effective.  These come with a lil hud you can change the lines on the bow and under the heel.  Super cute for spring, get you some!
Hair - TRUTH - Brenna w/Roots Chocolate
Skin - (AMD) - Kat in Carmel
Eyes - MAYFLY - Deep Sky Eyes
Eyelashes - GARAGE - Tattoo 007
Slacks - BOOM - Manchesters in Khaki
Sweater - COCO - Cropped Sweater & Shirt in Beige
Shoes - G-FIELD - Adele Wedge Pumps in Pink n Beige
Glasses - MEIL - Hipster Peepers in Tortoise

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