Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pure - ly Work Related....

Spring has Sprung...and with it comes a lot of building, designing, and 

While ~*~ Inspired ~*~ is slowly growing, so also is my wardrobe.  I am finding that with the extra lindens I am making building....just goes right back out into the linden universe and with building there is tons more things to buy...every prim is a possiblity.  I am in love with designing...but I haven't lose my passion for fashion.  I wonder if my brain, heart, and purse can keep up with my projects.  Here's hoping!

Last week, while tropsing through one of my favorite places to buy building sculpts, Katy's Kreations....I found this new little tiny spot....and it had clothes....and these clothes were designed by Katy.. I have a lot of respect and appreciation for the full perm builders in SL....they help the little people like me start off learning the basics of building and well....I just wouldn't know what to do without them.  Tortured Prims?  That just even sounds as horrible as it probably is. 

Working Hard
Anyways, so I stumble over Pure and I gotta say....I am liking what she and Topcat have been putting out over there.  I grabbed this dress this week for only 60L  WHAT?!  What's that you say?  I sure as bunk did...and know what else...the girl is a sculpt mesher and I can't wait til they really dig in their heels cause WATCH OUT WORLD!!!  

I coupled the yellow belt for a splash of color and paired the vintage styled dress with a pair of cute boots from G-Field.  I mean really, how can I go wrong with this ensemble.  It is a must outfit for a working girl....and as I have mentioned....I will be doing a lot of that coming up!

Stop by Pure and get your shop on...and keep checking's new, but it's spear headed by an amazing designer!

P.S.  Please ignore the fact that I am actually sleeping on the job there....-sighs- I don't know how I do it sometimes!

Skin - AMD - Kat in Carmel
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes
Hair - Burley - Lola in Black
Shape - Sibelle Ingmann - Krysta Ember
Eyelashes - Garage - 007
Lipstick - Step inSide - Delia tan lips
Dress - :pure: - Tiffany Polka Dot Dress in Black
Shoes - G-Field - Short Bellt Boots in Black
Belt - - Lucid Belt - Yellow
Earrings - [glow] studio - Little Cross Earrings
Ring - RH Engel - My Ring..?
Nails - Jamman - Ultra Mesh Fingernails

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