Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You ~*~ Inspire ~*~ Me....Me....

Again, inspiration struck....at 6am yesterday morning and when I logged in I went looking...I wanted something sleek, simple, elegant....you know, one of those gowns that is just simply stunning but begged for accessories?  Only the accessories never drown out the elegance of the gown?  I don't know if I am making sense, but Rebel Hope was the first place I looked.  Unfortunately, in her main store, I couldn't find the perfect one.  I stopped looking.  HA HA I guess I figured, if it wasn't there, it wasn't anywhere.

But this morning, unable to get the vision out of my head, I went back to the Vintage Fair.

Wouldn't you know?  Rebel Hope's Perfect In My Head Gown....was there!  I snagged it....ran home...and got to work on the headpiece.  I knew I wanted the top hat.  I had to have a long veil....only because the back sorta...begs for it?  My clothes do a lot of begging...he he.

So finally, after, I don't know, HOURS IT SEEMED of me and RH fudging with the veil....we got this TADA FINGERS!!   You can snag that veil HERE!!

When I went to take the photos though, I got a lil intimidated.  One, I didn't know if I could make it look like it was in my head.  Two, you never wanna do a blog on a designer and...not do it well?  I just wanted it to be perfect I guess.  So...I hope it is.  I love the way the photos came out and I really absolutely wanted to try the Trash the Dress pose....without actually trashing the dress...cause I love it.  So...-smiles and passes out- I think I managed it!

Hair - Ingenue - Myrna
Birthmarks - Miamai - Les Makeups
Eye Shadow - ALEIDA - Eyeshadow A
Lipstick - Pink Fuel - Elly Glam Lipstick in Bubblegum

Earrings - Rebel Hope Designs - Dripping in Diamonds
Bracelets - Dahlinks - Diamond & Pearls
Gloves - LeeZu - Miss Tre's Gloves in Silver
Hat - Inspired - Top Hat w/Veil

Gown - Rebel Hope Designs - Lalani Mesh Halter Gown in Silver

Pearls/Pose - Glitterati - Pearls (Retired)

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