Thursday, August 2, 2012

Vintage Fair Darling....

I am so excited for Vintage Fair this weekend.  If you know me, you know I am a total Vintage Girl!  I love a sweet pencil skirt, a pillbox hat, and a cute pair of glasses.....well Gizza's Elegant Steps fits the bill...perfectly!

Stockings with a seam?  Check!
Pencil Skirt?  Check!
Cute Pillbox hat? CHECK!
Glasses?  CHECK!

Extra?  The beautiful details of the crochet top and the neck tie that just seem to pull it all together, not to mention the adorable fur lined gloves from Laville! 

But ladies and gentlemen, it doesn't stop there.....Agnes Finney, a brand I have not shopped before, had this perfect matching skin and the soft Beaute Eyes. 

The livingroom set is from  Liquorice and the chaise has a ton of modeling poses in it.  Gear up people, the Vintage Fair this year is pulling no punches....and you will find at least a hundred things you want to get!!!

Skin - Agnes Finney - Muse Fair Vintage
Eyes - Agnes Finney - Beaute Eyes Soft Lips
Shape - Sibelle Ingmann - Krysta
Hair - Ingenue - Myrna in Natural Black

Dress - GizzA - Elegant Steps
Gloves - Laville - Fur Cuff
Shoes - Aleida - Chicita in black

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