Saturday, July 28, 2012

Shape Shifting w/ J.H. Couture

It's been a while since I hopped over to J.H. Couture but I am never disappointed.  I have to remind you all, the designer is the woman who took the time to show me how to fit mesh perfect to my body ...or rather my body to my form....and she always includes style cards in her designs to help out.  It takes me like...five seconds to adjust, save the shape in the dress folder and BAM!  Done and Done!

I know alot of people are leery of shape shifting, but it really isn't that bad.  I have a shape I have that is my base shape....non mesh.  Then if I need to make adjustments to fit this or that mesh its no different then hoping on a pose stand and adjusting a skirt position or collar size.  I save the shape, name it that outfit...and put it in the folder with the outfit.  ONCE then its done.  My face doesn't basic shape is still there to toss on if I want!

In anycase, I wasn't disppointed at all....she has a few new things, but this dress I picked out because it was on sale AND it wasn't one I had seen before.  I love the sorta suede look to it (prolly because its leather duh!) with the gold accent of the belt.  It fit perfect with the instructions from her notecard and ladies....if you want some mesh thats not like everyone elses mesh, hop over and check out her line!!!

I can't wait to see what she comes up with this fall!  Keep up to day with J.H. Couture here!!!

Dress - J.H. Couture - Mia Leather in Gray
Boots - COCO - Over the Knee Boots in Gray

Jewelry - Zuri's - Freshwater Black Pearls Set

Hair - Ploom - SeffyII in Blacks
Shape - Sibele Ingmann - Krysta
Skin - LAQ - Susan in Cocoa!

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