Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Jean Queen...

Hmm..I am not a fan of jean jackets...but for some odd reason, this one refused to remain out of my inventory.  Nevermind that I love the detail in all things *SaWoDe*.  It has a great resizing script that lets me get it just right on my frame...I love the detail.  But I repeat, so let me move on. 

Upon my wondering this week I managed to stumble over the Assesory Fair 2011....and being as I just recently realized I could wear my ring AND my nails...I went ring shopping.  I got a few lovely little treasures, but the one that I love the most is this beautiful Serenite Rain ring.  I always find a hard time finding nice rings...either they look like wedding bands (and I am not married, partnered, or any such thing) or they are Too ....MUCH.  I know this ring has alot going on, what with the pearls, flowers, and big stone....but its goregeous.

So in my effort to try new things, step out...I managed a larger ring and a jean jacket and you know?  I think I am quite pleased with the outcome.

FYI...this also fantabulous.  Who knew you could find such a snazzy deal at a Role Playing Fashion store...totally worth a trip to EMO-tions for this inexpensive addition to your inventory.  I mean...LOOK AT IT?!

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan 03
Shape ~ LAQ - Glow Shape 2.3 (Altered to my own likes of course!)
Hair ~ Magika - Denise Brown Chocolate
Eyes ~ Chai - Allure Green
Nails ~ [PM] - Sculpted Nails V2

Skirt ~ EMO-tions - Feel High Skirt Dots
Shirt ~ *SaWoDe* Fanny T-shirt 3
Jacket ~ *SaWoDe* Fanny Denim Jacket 4
Shoes ~ B&G - Selena Black Heels
Ring ~ [!SyDS! Ring] - Serenite2 Rain
Dandelion ~ [EY:NO] - Dandelion with Particle
Bracelet ~ [Armidi - Gisaci] Summer Stacked Bangles Assorted 1
Necklace ~ [Armidi Limited] - Zimbawe Necklace Freedom
Serenade ~ Burlesque Pose 11
Serenade ~ Basic Female Standing Pose

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