Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year....

I have to say, I love the direction I have seen Rebel Hope Designs taking.  Her designs have always been quality, but limited to gowns and wedding dresses and well, I can only wear a gown so often.  Lately though, with her dip into mesh, she has been coming out with some stellar outfits that are classy and so well done, I have been shelling out hand over fist of lindens to get these new styles! 

Her most recent outfit makes my day!  The Charlie Mesh Pants and Sweater....Um HeLLO!  Scream Style and Class.  She's always been known for that and I am just so glad she is branching out to other things. 

Also, Wasabii Pills, why do I love you so?  Oh yes, that's right, because you got this adoreable hair that is perfect for the winter season and just so happens to go awesome with my new Charlie outfit!  WHAT!  YES IT DOES!!!  It has a hud too, so you can change the colors of the hat, button, and thread....great deal found over at FaMESHED!  (The Charlie Outfit is over there too....go get it)

So with my new outfit and hair, I flopped down into my newest design from ~*~Inspired~*~ and got to work.  With the new year already started, I feel like I am way behind on a lot of things, but I am excited about the coming year and all the things I want to learn and do....

Look forward to hearing more about ~*~ Inspired ~*~ and well...clothes of course.....a little bit of everything this coming year but my main goal, when it comes to this least once a week.  If I can do more, great....but I have to do that at least. 

Alright lovelies, I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season....and are ready to buckle in for the winter.  -smiles-  DUECES!

Hair - Wasabii Pills - Lumi (MESH) @ FaMESHed
Skin - LAQ - Susan in Nougat
Shape - Sibele Ignmann - Krysta (with my own adjustments)
Slacks - Rebel Hope Designs - Charlie Pants in Natural (MESH) @ FaMESHed
Sweater - Rebel Hope Designs - Charlie Sweater in Teal (MESH) @ FaMESHed
Heels - J.H. Couture - Caprice Mesh Pumps in Tan
Furniture Set - ~*~ Inspired ~*~ - Filigree Desk Set

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