Monday, November 12, 2012

Not Standard Issue....

Today everyone in the USA knows....our Observed Veteran's Day.  As a vet myself, I just have a few things to say....cause today I get to say it....

We have freedom of speech....and so many of us use it to speak about those that defend that and so many other rights for us....and alot of it isn't nice.  When we are offered the chance to honor their sacrafice, let us use that freedom of speech to uplift, support, and respect the military. When you are safe from all foriegn threats...when people willingly sign up to defend this nation, we get to say "Thank You".  When someone stands up and accepts the sacrafice of being away from their families, missing birthdays, Christmas', and special moments of the lives of their loved protect people they do not even know, we get to say "We are so grateful".  You, me, this Nation.  When they bravely walk into a war, knowing whether they live or not, they will be forever changed...a missing limb or a missing piece of their hearts....they come home changed, we get to say "I am honored to know you...".

The highest form of dishonoring this sacrafice is to complain.  When there is war, there is no question....they go....they serve....and they protect....and when they come home, they are never the same.  Sometimes...their souls are sacraficed, their peaceful sleep is ruined, their lives are changed in a way that can never be explained....

So say thank you and honor them the way they have honored us. 

Hair - Hype - Chase in Black
Skin - LAQ - Susan
Eyes - Mayfly - Sapphire Night
Earrings - Misha - 3-Hoop in Raidiant Gold
Boots - J.H. Couture - Batya Calf Boots in Black/Gold

Cape - LeLutka - Echo Cape/Blue
Skirt - Amour Signature - Renee Black Skirt
Shirt - MonCheri - Crochet Detail Top in Black
Hat - Inspired - Juicer Hat (It's a long story...-sighs- )

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