Friday, November 9, 2012

Magika, The Sea Hole, Hucci!!

It's been tooo long.  I miss my blog, so today I sat down and told myself...never to forget it.  Never leave it longer then a week.  So I won't.  Today, I bring to you.....a lot of Collabor88 and Magika....awesome.

First, lets start with the hair....I stopped through Magika, it's an oldie but goodie, but lately it's like if I do not actually go searching for it, I won't see it.  I mean, we see Alice Mesh and lots of Wasabii...all good hair, but I haven't seen Magika out and about.  So I stopped through.  OMG I am so glad I did, I prolly spent about too much linden on hair there.  They have a great umbra look to all their Mesh Hair and the texture, as always, is amazing.  This Visit hair comes with a cute little color change bow.  If you haven't visited lately, go...see them...stop in and say a bunch of hair!!

Now onto The Sea Hole, another Oldie But Goodie....I remember when I first got into SL fashion, The Sea Hole was the SNIZIT to me.  I loved them so much, but when Mesh came on the scene, I was finding the fit from The Sea unlike the attention to detail from them.  It was always so awkward.  BUT....I have faith in the designer, I realized that working with Mesh is a whole new world....and needed adjusting to.  SO when I spotted this adorable number at Collabor88 this week....I said YES!! YES!!! YES!!! and YES SOME MORE!  The skirt fits so cute and the design is ...well...very well done.  I am so happy, I feel like I've got one of my favorite stores back!  (If that makes sense...)

This leads me the super adorable booties....guys...I am going back and getting them in all the colors.  I mean....LOOK AT THEM? HELLO!  They are perfect for the coming winter months....
This month's Collabor88 is a MUST VISIT, but even if you can't get in, see Magika, The Sea Hole, and Hucci at their will find something you love at all of them, I am most positive!

P.S.  No one paid me to say all that....-winks-

Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes Sapphire
Skin - Pink Fuel - Scene in Chai

Lipstick - Fishy Strawberry - Allure Faded Pink
Hair - Magika - Visit
Eyelashes - Garage - Eyelashes 007
Nails - Pixel Mode - Sculpted Nails
Tights - DeeTaleZ - Grey Nylon Tights
Booties - Hucci - Roseau Bootie in Morning Glory (Collabor88)
Skirt - The Sea Hole - Painted Desert in Dove (MESH @ Collabor88)
Body Suit - The Sea Hole - Painted Desert in Dove (Collabor88)

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