Sunday, July 29, 2012

It's Not About The Hair....anymore...

I realize this is my second Bikini blog this summer and you are all shocked and appauled....since I keep saying I rarely do them and they just...keep...happening!  But it's *BOOM* People and I am a great lover of all things *BOOM* and I know you are too....

I am also a big fan of mix matching and *BOOM* is great for that because all their releases have so many color when the Ellio Bikini was released, I was stoked.  I mean, you can't go wrong with 17 different sets that you can totally mix and match!!!  I grabbed the pink camo top and the coconut bottom and had a blast!  They are sold as sets and as seperates and you get a discount if you grab a whole set.....but just get...them all and you may never have to get another bikini again.  Camo, Birds, Chevron, Hearts, Stripes, and the Solids.....=sighs=  HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?! just can't!

I should also say, in the middle of my photo taking RH tped down on my head, photo bombed me, and proceeded to tell me how much he liked the Bikini....and that is the PG version people, cause you don't need to hear what he really said.  Just saying....ladies your fella will like *BOOM*'s Ellio Bikini too....blonde, brunette, or red doesn't matter, he isn't looking at your hair anyways!

True Fact.

Also, tanlines ladies....for those topless beaches!  Grab yo'self a bikni, toss off your top and go for it!  If that doesn't set the mood for your day, I don't know what will!!!
Hair - Exile - Wide Awake in Chardonnay
Feet - YS&Y - Barefeet
Skin - Filthy - Tina in Redbone
Glasses - Artilleri - Clubmaster Pink Sunglasses
Bikini - *BOOM* - Ellio Bikini (Top is Pink Camo and Bottom is Coconut)

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