Wednesday, November 23, 2011

There's Something...About Her...

Last year I decided to step out of my business walk away from the devil may care boots and the kick your butt heels...and go for a softer look.  I did cutsie...I did adorable...and I did fabulous!  But...nothing fits as good as these boots.  Opiums Elite boots are my go too's. I can't put them away...not when the color change options...and the...-gets choked up- I just love them.  Opium has two of my go to shoes...their stiletto's rock out too!

So beyond the boots, what I can never really get rid of, is this look.  This.."bad ash kick your face in" look.  I like style and class and I like to look at her and say...she looks smart enough to cut someone.  Without the cutsie!  I never realized how much of an armor clothes could be...

I adore the scarf, the texture of it makes me wanna rub my face against the screen of my computer (I didn't though!) and its a perfect late November look.  You HAVE TO STOP AT - X A N A D U - because this isn't the ONLY hot outfit I found there...they have it in green and red too..but the blue just called out and said.  "KRYSTA, BUY ME CAUSE I WILL MAKE YOU FEEL BAD ASH!" Just...still not bad enough to curse...apparently. 

Also, the hair?  Yeah, that be Angelina JOLIE hair from LeLutka...and if that's not bas ash class and a half I don't know what is. 

I want my look back...I want to feel empowered again and independent.  I want to walk down the street and know...just KNOW I don't care what anyone thinks.  I miss my swagger!

Look, just go and get one...and tell me how it makes you FEEL!

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan 03
Shape ~ LAQ - Glow Shape 2.3 (Altered to my own likes of course!)
Hair ~ [LeLutka] -  Jolie Hair/Dark Brunette
Eyes ~ **[Riddle]** Vibrant Eyes - Lime
Nails ~ [PM] - Sculpted Nails V2
Outfit ~ -X- Pashmina Black & Blue
Shoes ~ Opium's Elite Boots
Necklace ~ *League* Vintage Jewlery Necklace
Earrings ~ *League* Vintage Heart Earrings

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