Friday, June 10, 2011

Something Simple

It has been a while and well...while the time has been passing I have been redecorating...everything.  As a female it is my perogative to change my mind and on my land I do so often.  Currently it's set up to welcome supernatural role players. Glee!

My hide away from it all is a beautiful little skybox tucked away and designed by Kari. this skybox.  The textures are simply perfection and while I'd love to change the angle and color of the shadows and close the doors between rooms...its perfection otherwise!  And a steal at only 500L.  Why ARE YOU STILL HERE?! GO LOOK AT IT!

It was the perfect little place to snap shots of this little number.  A bit of a funky twist on a classic business look...and all creamy dreamy.  The hair I snagged at the Ch1c Birthday Event...the blouse a Sea Hole brilliant on sale...and the rest was well...tucked away in my inventory and needed, begged, and pleased to be worn. 

The photos, I did not edit at all but to resize, so forgive!

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan 03
Shape ~ LAQ - Glow Shape 2.3 (Altered to my own likes of course!)
Hair ~ ::Exile:: Voodoo - Roots-Wedge
Eyes ~ LeLutka - Ellis in Ivy
Nails ~ [PM] - Sculpted Nails V2

Earrings ~ RedGrave -  Bitterness II
Pants ~ Fri. - Cream Slacks
Shirt - The Sea Hole ~ Im Knot In Love With You - Cocoa
Shoes ~ *Aleida* - Ankle Boots in Creme
Jacket ~ [LeLUltra] - Postal Jacket in Beige

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