Monday, April 4, 2011

Today Was A Fairytale...

If you know me then you know I am eagerly, anxiously, excitedly waiting for the release of the Meeroo's.  If you do not know what a Meeroo is...I am sad sad for you!  But...will tell you to save the confusion of the rest of my post here.  They are these awesome mystical breedadbles in SL...that are a mix of kangaroo's and merkats...and omg...nothing is cuter.  NOTHING! They are totally interactive and tonight....tonight my friends I shall reserve my package of them's entry is mystical!  In celebration of them...I put on some fancyful little throw together and went shopping for magical such things.  I miss my supernatural RP so bad...-le sigh- but onward....I love a good fairy, I dig a cool mermaid, hey...bring on the angels....but I've never ever did the faun. did the faun...and I really enjoyed it!  Please excuse the pictures...I am not really good at it yet...bare with!

I have more for the coming out of all things Meeroo's but today it's just the FAUN!

I love the wings and antlers....they have little bells on them and they deviate from the more fanciful wings and stick to the woods...with...woods...he he. They have the bare branches towards the bottom of the wing and the full tree at the top. I dug them!  Right...that lil fae followed me everywhere...I couldn't get her to stop!  She loves meh.  Also...the faun has a tail. 

I think we need a little magic in our lives...and if it isn't there, we need to go and get it...

The detail of the antlers was great too, little leaves and string and bells entwined through them.  I really like the realism of it in a..fantasy world.  If that makes sense!! LOL


Here is the ONLY thing I didn't like...the hooves didn't blend as well as I'd like into the legs.  They are done well, they just don't blend!  It annoys...but the Carpicornus was a free gift so what do you expect, ya know?

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan 04 [Mocha] Glow Skin
Shape ~ LAQ - Glow Shape [2.3] (I altered it of course, they are modify and copy!)
Eyes ~ [croire] - murky eyes (swamp slime)
Hair ~ Armidi - Angel I - Midnight
Wings n Antlers ~ Frippery's - Puck's Apprentice
Fawn Hooves n Horns ~ Avatar Bizarre - Capricornus Faun
Flower Petal's n Gloves ~ Lil's Flower-girl Spring

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