Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting LOST

I have traversed and gotten LOST!  I absolutely loved the LOST on ABC!  When the season ended last
year, as you can imagine, I was distraught....but I must share my absolute most favorite scene in the last episode.  I must explain why....Sawyer, throughout the entire LOST programing, was the hard one.  The one who didn't care and everyone wanted....he was the one everyone wanted to see redemption in someway.  I loved loved Sawyer.  I mean...Jack was great, but he had this hero complex and well..Sawyer was like the hidden hero in it all. the scene is outstanding because...they go to touch, then it will hurt too good!  BUT THEN THEY DO AND OMG!!  -controls herself-
"We can go dutch.." MY FAVORITE LINE!

I just got chills watching it...again.  Don't ask how many times. 

Again, I love Sawyer. 

Okay so on to my post.  My..well...-smiles- he makes fun when I say friend so...I shall say my Sahn...and I were wondering about the other night and he found a Dharma Initiative outfit over at Fallen and both of us are huge fans so of course we start wondering if SL has a LOST....



Okay, so we tp in and we are both like kids pointing at this and this and remembering this spot from the show.  I had a blast, the designer did a great job.  I wanted to talk to him, but unfortunately wasn't able to get the creator online to chat about the island.  SO I snapped shots and will share now!  Interview later!
We TP into this spot, its the submarine that can take you on and off and got blowed up!  But its a perfect landing place! 

Wondering around we found the crash site!  Oceanic Flight 815....I was near hysterical pointing and squeaking at this point and Sahn was just running after me trying to stay between me and ....

the BLACK SMOKE! was bad enough that every time it started on the show I was tense....but let it come chase my avi all over the island and I was NOT HAPPY! It sounds exactly the same...

It got me...and Sahn...a few times.  Yay for not really dying in SL!

Okay, well there was SOME DYING!

We got to see the Well...which we can go down! 

Everything here was so similar to the real LOST...even the plants!  I walked through the bamboo forest, the island slopped upwards...where they played golf on that plateau?!  I cannot say enough about this island replica....OH AND there was a note card at the entrance...we can live there soon.  I am debating renting a Dharma house! 

I took a ton...ton of pictures...and I had a blast going all over and exploring.  It was great to be able to visit places I saw on TV...on a show I LOVED so much. 

Sahn and I couldn't decide if this was where they camped with the two skeletons, that turned out to be Jacobs FAKE mother and his brother OR if it was where the light was....hmm..

What's LOST without a big old MASS GRAVE...poor Dharma people...

One of the stations....can you guess which??!!

JACOBS CABIN!  I sat and watched the rocking chair rock...but saw no Jacob...maybe next time!

THE TEMPLE!  I got got by the Black Smoke tons here...-sighs-  BUT they even have the little hole where whatshisface lost his arm...

The fence where the Black Smoke cannot go....How cool is it that wasn't left out?!

The began all the dramaz, I am telling you!  STAY OUT OF THE HATCH DESMOND IS DOWN THERE!  I liked Desmond, he was cool.

and he had a naughty accent...-grins-

What is LOST without the beach camp?!  Yes...and there is a tent for everyone there!  With their no mistaking...but I totally found Sawyers by sight alone.  He always had that chair outside his!

Mr. Echo's church and the graveyard...lotta dead people on LOST...

THE STATUE!!!!  I love the pic...

No one gets off LOST...not really...

The seaside cliff cave....this is where that dude finally bit the dust...see ya black smoke.  I think it was was some cliff on the island..

Whenever I got really LOST though....Vincent showed up and barked...and all was well. 

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