Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's All About The BodySuit....Right?

The hair is NICE TOO!!

You know, I have alot of stuff in my inventory.  A LOT!  That being said, sometimes I need to dig in and see whats there that I may have forgotten this adorable body suit from MONS.  I really do like the things from MONS.  I think I have all her body suits.  One, they are unique and two pretty versatile.  Pair them with jeans, a blazer, some cute shoes.....I mean alot of body suits are like that, but the ones I've found at MONS are really pretty.  Some have lace and flowers and ....well you get the point, I love the body suits from MONS! 

So after digging out this cute little suit I thought....Hmm...its been a while since I've stopped through the main I hopped over.  I know I have this adorable crochet set from there...but what else has she come out with that I've missed! 

THERE WERE NO MORE BODY SUITS!!! OMG Was I in the right place?

Well...there was make up!  And there was HAIR!  I already snapped the shots for this blog entry so I was tabulating in my head what needs to go in the stay turned.  I plan on catching up with MONS Soon...

As I finish up today, I think I found a nice little niche I'd like for my blog.  "CATCHING UP W/ (ENTER DESIGNER NAME)"   Because....alot of times I get stuck in a rut of what is on sale or what is the NEW FAD.....well....maybe I just need to get INTO the main stores and not so much the events....hmm...a thought to ponder....right now though, I am off to GET MY FENNUX WHAT!!!  DUECES!!!

Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes
Hair - (r)M - Mesh Hair No.1
Skin - Pink Fuel - Alena
Eyeshadow - Garage - Make up 24
EyeLashes - DIME PIECE - Lizzi's Prim Lashes
BodySuit - MONS - BodySuit Jean Pink
Jeans - Zaara - Classic Jeans Dirty
Shoes - YS&YS - Milano Slingbacks

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