Saturday, September 22, 2012

But Baby....This Tree Has a Face!

In the spirit of fall, I went exploring this morning.  I visited sims with ghosts and goblins and stumbled over a few tree's with faces...that made me laugh.  Tree's with faces.....

SOOooOooOoo a few weeks back RH and I went hunting for some good trees and my GO TO for tree's is Forest Floor....I love the ability to shift the seasons without moving a tree....anyways, we also wanted to check out off to Organica we go....we wander, we roam, and we stop in front of this tree and I say.  "No no, its so much for one tree and we can get a whole set at Forest Floor."

I mean, for me it was sound reasoning, but him....-smiles so wide- I think that man is bloody adorable.  I know he rolls his eyes everytime I say it, but it's we are standing there and we are looking at this tree and its a scary Halloween face tree....and I am like.  "No lets go back to Forest Floor."

"But Baby....this one has a face on it!"

-.-;;  Sometimes he says stuff and I just fall for him all over again and this was one of those times.  We got the face tree....and the Forest Floor pack. 

All this for this one comment.  I didn't need to roam all over for a photogentic place, we had the scary tree with the face back at home...and so taking shots this morning, I DIDN'T EVEN GET THE TREE!! -flails-  But I did stake out the huge one with the hands all grabby...-points at the shadow- It can get scary out there....even at home.

Don't Mind me....I been messing with my graphics and picture taking skillz....please expect some strange stuff til I get bored experimenting!

Skin - Pink Fuel - Alena in Chai
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sea
Hair - (r)M - Hair No8 Dark Brown
Bracelets - Ticky Tacky - Worship the Black Pearl
Rings - Nemesis - Winter Love Rings in Black
Boots - Miel - Lia Boots
Dress - Elate! - Leah Blue/Green
Pose Prop - !Bang - not afraid of the dark
Furniture - ~*~ Inspired ~*~ - Pentagram Throne Set (w/Vampire Poses)

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