Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Getcha Some Gatcha!

I do love some Gatcha.  I don't stand there buying over and over though, mostly because I use a gatcha to sorta drag me out of my color/design funk!  I mean, it picks the color, it forces me to try something new.  It seems lately I need a little more of that.  I veer away from alot of stuff that isn't really 'my thing' but then I wondered if I was really being fair to myself.  I mean, what is secondlife but a place we can explore and be different and try new things?  Anyways, the Gatcha events are small does of "Try pink today instead of black!" for I take what I get and I move on.

ONLY This time, there was this super awesome trade group!  I loved it, it was like going to a Gatcha convention and being able to just....enjoy the idea of it.  The feel of it!  THE SPIRIT OF IT! I really had fun trading my Hammy Kit for the Fairy Hammy with Wings!  I loved getting the R to go along with the K (That I got instantly, how is that for luck?!)  I was just nice to get into the chat, see everyone trading for this or gave a really nice friendly feel to the entire event for me.   OH OH and then....I was totally camming around and when I first saw the Hammy it wasn't on the was on LUNA JUBILEE!! OMG! -faints-

There are four or five blogs I follow constantly....I shall list them below, but mostly cause I love reading their stuff...while the pictures are awesome and all, I really enjoy the read.  I feel like these bloggers are real and genuinely nice just always go back. I am sure everyone has their favorites and their ways, but these are mine.

Luna Jubilee
Another Damn SL Blog

So you can imagine how excited I was to spot her.  It was like seeing Cameron Diaz on the street....only in a Hammy costume...and she kept tumbling over.  I totally geeked out and IMed her all "OMG ITS YOU!"  -hangs head-  I should have tried to resist acting like a total dweeb, but whatever.....I wish I could have gotten her digital signature....THIS will have to do.  CHECK OUT HER HAMMY WHAT?!  (Does this make me a paparazzi?)

I got sidetracked.....some of the stuff was just...CUTSEY that will get taken out for a photo here and there, but some was def stuff I can use more often.  Like...ISON's Sheer Baby Blouse...paired with Pididdle's Decor Collar and *BOOM*'s lil Carnival Clutch....all stuff I will use and who knew how Spooky I could be?  Right?  Check out my Roza skin from Glam Affair?!  I got the one in black too....only cause, I am trying new things. 

So, here have some music, some credits, and please, please, go check out The Arcade!!

Eyes - .ID. - Violet Flare Mesh Eyes (Gatcha Item)
Hair - [e] - Caramel in Black
Skin - Glam Affair - Roza No 7 (Gatcha Item)
Shoes - The Dressing Room - Pumps in Brown
Jeans -  ibizarre - Jessi Slim Blue
Shirt - ISON - Sheer Baby Blouse - Salmon (Gatcha Item)
Mouse Ears - Auxiliary - White (Gatcha Item)
Clutch - BOOM - Carnival Clutch in Doll Pink (Gatcha Item)
Collar - Pididdle - Decor Collar in Noir Lace (Gatcha Item)
Ring - Yummy - Spooky Ring (Gatcha Item)
Bracelet - ASO! - Alphabet Bracelet (E) in Silver (Gatcha Item)
Chair - [*Art Dummy!] - Pandora's Wooden Legs 4/poses
Grocery Bag - BCC - Macaron Paper Bag in Raspberry
Marquee - [Commoner] -  Monogram Marquee Light / K & R

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