Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It Builds Character Challenge.....Day One

I've been crazy busy this passed week and I admit here freely I totally missed blogging.
I have spent an entire day going through ten sims of amazing....and I feel like I single handedly cured cancer....not really but I spent alot....alot....alot.  It was amazing....its like this euphoric feeling every time I click and buy and don't get me started on the free stuff. 

So while shopping I thought...."what would I do without click buys!?" and then I sorta looked up like. I addicted?!  O.O;;   Do I have a problem?  I mean, is shopping the only thing I do in SL? 
Friends, I have begun a month long challenge.  Aside from my rent....I am not spending a single linden in SL for an entire month.  I KNOW, it's insane!  What am I thinking?!  But....I think I need this.  I need to see if I can actually wear all this stuff.  If I can sit in all these chairs.  Look at all this decor.  Can I actually use all these beds?!  Probably not, but the challenge starts today.

No Linden Spent.
I sent it to my friend...who I know loves to make me miserable so even if I beg, he won't give it to me.
No new butterflies, no new shoes, no ne....I can't breath...OMG WHAT AM I DOING?!

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