Monday, July 2, 2012

Life Is Good

It has been a few.....but I figured it was time to climb out of lazy land and show myself.  Not that I made it too far....well no further then the docks.  Life is good.  My soul is calm.  My heart is right.  Again, ladies and gentlemen, life is good.

I ventured out today, exploring some places through SL because I miss...exploring.  When I happened upon this nifty little marina I know, this is exactly where I need to be when I wear the latests stuffs from FaMESHed!!

It's only the second day, so you all have a chance to stop through, grab these comfortable linen slacks from BOOM.  -sighs-  I am finding a special love more and more lately.  Their mesh, I think, is super pendious.  Please, go by there, check out their stuff, its worth the trip....I am there for hours somedays. 

I am also madly excited about the shirt.  We all love to snag something from our fellas, a t-shirt we wear to bed, a pair of boxers we also..wear to bed....but I have a special love for a button down.  Okay, one they are better than t-shirts and drawers, because when a man puts on a button down, he follows with a spray of his nummy cologne....t-shirts don't often get that.  So not only do you get the yummo smell of him, but that extra...nice.  I digress....I like the button down.  You should to. Go get the button down from Kauna. 

SLINK....-sighs- So Juicy Sexy Lady had these shoes and ....I thought.  "I been looking for flat sandals forever and I do love my SLink bare feet.  I will get them.  0.O  I did.  I DID AND 725 Lindens later...I have them.  Luckily they have all sorts of changes I can wiggle about with on the hud, that sorta makes it like a few different pairs so I can swallow that price a little easier....beside....THEY ARE FANTABULOUS!

So when life is good, spend a lot of lindens, go exploring, and relax where the seaguls squawk and never poop on you!!

Skin - [ME] - Venice Native Tone (MAY GIFT! GET IT)
Eyes - Malfly - Deep Sky
Hair - Fri. - Joanna in Thoughtful Brown
Shape - SIBS - Krysta's Shape (Is my own peoples)

Lips - ::(F):: - Lipgloss No 2
Necklace - [glow] - Necklace Hoop Arc. Gold
Earrings - [glow] - Szark Gold Earrings

Slacks - *BOOM* - Miami Linen Pants - Nutshell
Open Shirt - Kauna - Open Shirt in White
Bikini Top - artilleri - Annalee Bikini in Yellow
Sandals - SLink - Achilla Gladiator in Tan

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