Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something Sexy About Pearls and Aprons

I admit I have a great love of cleaning products in real life...and something about this outfit sparked some pretty...clean ideas in my head.  Honestly, I don't think there is much that is sexier than a woman cleaning her home in pearls and when I popped over to Intrepid Designs today to check out their inventory, I fell in love with this little outfit.  With a hip and butt hide glitch, resizing is easy peasy!! I love that....and also, she took the time to texture the inside of the skirt, so I don't get that crazy wierd look when I cam about.

I love the design and I am going back for another color this afternoon!  She has three different skirt textures with 9 different colors all together!

Intrepid Designs is pretty new, but she has already accumulated a great little array of t-shirts and outfits you are sure to want to add into your inventory.  It's def worth a hop over to look at!

Also, I found an adorable photo editing tool online that I used to edit my photos.  GASP I KNOW I stayed off Photoshop...mostly cause...my tuturial is over and so...the awesome has ended.  -sighs-  Still, you gotta check out PicMonkey!  It is pretty awesome!


Hair - Truth - Lydia
Skin - LAQ - TASHA
Jewlery Set - Caroline's - Kennedy Pink Pearl Set
Dress - Intrepid - Garden Party Blue
Feather Duster - MV - MV Cleaning Supplies
Shoes - GOS - Pimp Your Pumps

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