Monday, March 19, 2012

pul·chri·tude (plkr-td, -tyd)

Pul-Chri-Tude (Plkr-td, -tyd)
Great physical beauty and appeal.

Has anyone here ever seen Akeelah and the Bee?  Everytime I see this skin it makes me think of that movie.  The best part? When she spells Pulchritude, its the winning word!  Here is a link ENJOY!!!

So today I woke up and decided to do a more indepth look at that awesome Pulchritude skin from St. Patty's Day, only not St. Patty's Day...More Like the Jenni Skin in Sunkissed.  I am again, so not displeased.  I wore it all weekend and even entered a contest at the Papillon Fair!  This is my entry.....

BUT on to the skins...this Jenni Skin with Sunkissed comes with five make-ups and one is Natural which is always my favorite.  I have tons of make-up to doll up my skins.  Normally, if I have the option, I'll pay just for the Natural skin.  But thats neither here nor there, these skins are not only very realistic, but inexpensive. Try 500 Linden Ladies...for the whole five pack?!  That's 100 Linden a skin and for this quality, it's a MO FO STEAL!  When I saw the price I was pretty shocked, specially since it could totally replace my LAQ Skin and I paid mad lindens for that.
Like the St. Patty's Day skin, the lady parts and jumblies (hush it!) are totally realistic and not blurry or anything.  Dun blur out my parts!  It upsets me!  I feel less real and in Second Life, we all like a lil realism! 
I popped over to Pulchritude and it's a good thing Mr. Man has my lindens.  I made it through the weekend without spending any linden...but I owe all my friends money now!  HA HA I had uploads to do!  I was begging like madly!  I owe Marhi 20, Finn 10, and Syn like...590.  Heh...I will get there. 
So, beyond my horrible spending and borrowing habits, please check into Pulchritude this week. This skin also comes in 6 tones, Sunkissed, Peach, Pale Cocoa, Caramel, and Bronze!

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