Thursday, May 12, 2011

Wandering Spirt..

I am trying something new...messing with my photoshop and seeing how it all works together.  I think I did alright...this is a shorter one, but I just got SYNDICATED SO YAY ME! -does the London Tipton Clap- 

It's horrible I know what that is...HORRIBLE I SAY!


I honestly did just toss this together...and I stopped through Vanity Hair to try something new...and so thus we have the hair...

I did do some wandering yesterday...and a lot of shopping...which is always...enlightening to my wallet!  He He..

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan 02
Shape ~ LAQ - Glow Shape 2.3 (Altered to my own likes of course!)
Hair ~ Vanity Hair - Caribbean Breeze - Soil
Eyes ~ LeLutka - Ellis in Ivy
Nails ~ [PM] - Sculpted Nails V2 (Outstanding find on SL Marketplace...I never take them off..)
Jewelry ~ *League* - Wanderer popular these days!
Shirt ~ Grixdale - Birds of a Feather (Cocoa)
Capris ~ FK Virtues - 23 Jeans Dark Blue
Heels ~ *VioMagic* - MixMe Heels
Purse ~ Armidi Gisaci - Porta Corsico Bag in Brown

I like the heels, the hud is pretty easy...although it won't let me do RBG or I just haven't figured out how...BUT nonetheless, besides looking a lil long, I dig them!

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