Saturday, May 14, 2011


Everyone has done it...bought something they never really expected they'd wear more than once or twice.  I bought this hair at this little shop and thought exactly that.  But then...I put it on...

It may be clear that I have a sort of hair...fetish...thing. Maybe.  I mean, it's not proven or anything.  ANYWAY....

I love it.  It's a little bit of flare and all natural.  I don't know, I just love the design, the texture, and how soft and real it looks. It's a must have for that look..that "I am glamourous naturally" look! 

So, yesterday I stopped through Milk in Motion and grabbed the shorts, the bag...and knew I'd pair it with the yellow blouse I snagged from Cero a few weeks before.  There is a special place in my heart for blue and yellows.  I like a blue and yellow, they have this clean fresh look that screams fun and sun! 

Not satisfied, I stopped through Garage, who is sadly, going out of business.  I grabbed EVERYTHING I could manage and ran for the hills.  My look is normally business casual, but the lashes...dared me, challenged me...I like to think I rose to that challenge and beat it into a PULP!!  It's a dramatic look and I don't know when I will be able to take them off. 

(Warning....I been working on my photography skillz or lack thereof....)

Hair - Another Level - Aphro
Eyes - Lelutka - Ellis Ivy
Shape - LAQ - Glow Shape 2.3
Skin - LAQ - Tasha2 in Nougat
Shorts - Milk in Motion - My Leather Shorts
Blouse - Cero Style - Libby
Purse - Milk in Motion - My Duffle Bag
Jewelry - Fri. - Loop.Jewelry (Cerulean)
Eye Shadow - *Elymode* - Smudged eyeliner
Mascara - Garage - Eyelashes v.30
Nails - PM - Platinumn Edition V2
Heels - Cero Style - Madeline Heels Yellow

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