Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Walk in the Sand...

Today has been a good day!   I got a few things settled that were...unsettling me.  I also found this outfit.....I mean, I know I've gone on about Indyra Originals already before but....I feel like I haven't said all that needs to be said.  Every time I go over there I find something new I love.  I love their new lines and how you get one outfit with accessories..and all the colors and appliers for what we'd pay for a shirt some places.  Seriously?!  Why are you still sitting here....
Indyra Originals - Gaia Pants Set
This outfit stuck out to me because lately I've been feeling a little beachy keen.  It begged a walk on the beach and it's exactly what I did...stopping along this new Beach Cottage from Inspired as I went.  It's a cute little hide away with scripted doors and a working fan...

But the outfit, Gaia Pants Set.....the mesh slacks are textured with the soft flowy looking texture that makes me think of water...or a mermaid.  And adding that I can also wear my Lush's with it well...again, why are you sitting here.  It comes with the necklace and a set of earrings too....in how many colors?  OH right...SEVEN!
Inspired Beach House...
I think I may stay in it all summer....except I got the Elisne Trible Maxi dress too sooo...eventually I am going to have to come out of these.  -sighs-

Hope You are Having a Great Day!!

Hair - LeLutka - Scarlet - Bournville Fade
Skin - LAQ - Susan in Mocha
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes
Feet - Slink - Jolie Pied Barefoot Tiptoes
Nails - Jamman - Ultra Mesh Rigged Nails
Gloss - Pink Fuel - Elly Doll Glass Blush w/teeth

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