Saturday, June 8, 2013

The Last Unicorn

Loney Unicorn
When I spotted this tail and horn at the Arcade Gacha Event.....from +Half - Deer the first thing I thought about was a movie I saw a long time ago, as a little girl.  It was called "The Last Unicorn" and I guess it always stuck with me because she was so sad...and so the moon.  It was just the impression the movie left with me and since then I always assumed all Unicorns were sad.....specially the one that Voldermort at on Harry Potter.....

The Last Unicorns

Now that I am finished showing off my Geek.....we have a great little pose cloud from another event.  Midsummer Night's Fantasies is on from June 6 - June 27th.  I really enjoyed the poses in it and although I wish it were mod so I could change the colors on the cloud, that's not happening at a Gacha event.....anyways....It comes with six different poses in each cloud so def worth a scoop through.


Skin - Glam Affair - Roza
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky
Feet - SLink - Jolie Barefoot Tiptoes
Shape - Krysta - Sibelle Ingmann

Hair - Magika - Length 
Freckles - L.Fauna - Freckled Nose
Tail - Half - Deer - Blossom Tail
Horn n' Ears - Half - Deer - Sweet Dreams Unicorn Set (Peach)

Cloud - Icons of Style - Heaven Clouds

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