Sunday, August 26, 2012

Something Classy...

I admit, I gave Karlsvalt a hard time about his clothing line when it first hit the streets.  I may have called it hoochie mama....I may have told him he had a fetish with lingerie....and I even MIGHT have said....he gives out free panties to every 100th customer (It was actually to EVERY customer...I think he had a bigger order of drawers then he originally intended). 

I should take this moment to rescind all previous challenges to his style.  I knew better.  I knew deep inside he had a classy diva waiting to emerge.  When I saw Addison....I just smiled.  His resistance to MESH and hate for change has not kept him from making a perfect example of a classy playful style!  I will wear.  I will wear it proudly! 

Despite your resistance to change, to MESH, you have arrived.  Good Job Karlsvalt! 

Now...that I've probably annoyed him to no end with my diatribe....ladies, pair it with pearls (Thats always my go to), updo it into diamonds, toss on a blazer, or a pair of cute sneakers!  Just go get it! 
Also, I snagged this hair from Truth....I love it.  It has such a nice little flare to it.  Sorta a messy style that almost looks like it was on purpose!  I just dig it!

Have a good day everyone and don't forget to smile.

Hair - Truth - Elsa - Raven w/Roots
Bracelet - lillies - Spring Fever Bracelet
Earrings - LC - Chic Earrings
Necklace - Y&R - Vintage Pearl in Brown
Rings - LaGyo - Bonbon Ring

Dress - Amour Fashions - Addison in Mesh
Shoes - Mon Tissu - Montsegur Pumps - Camel

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