Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Memories of {mon tissu}

I admit, entering contests over the past year has taught me a lot about blogging.  I've learned how important it is to make sure you pose in a way that shows off the clothing, how to edit photos without distorting the main focus of the picture, goes on and on.  I have learned a lot.   Still, the main thing I have learned is how important the credits are for each item.  I admit, in the past, I have slacked a bit with a skin or eyes that I wear constantly and I haven't don't many pose credits because I have so many.  I have since learned the importance and I suggest to new bloggers....join some contests....if nothing else, it will teach you how to be a better blogger!

So, with that said, I want to present to first memory of {mon tissu}!

When the contest was announced for {mon tissu} blogger I thought back to the first time I dived into their cute little store.  I remember I about died and fell in love with just the outside of the store. A beautiful little village square that was reminiscent (at least for me) of the little villages on the Almafi coast in Italy.

I contemplated the wisdom of entering, considering my impulsive nature....but I wanted the shoes.  My friend had been wearing them and I wanted them so so much.  So, peering through the glass, I promised myself I would get the shoes and run.  Yes, that was the plan.

Bracing myself, I marched to the door, offering myself a quick pep talk. "You probably don't need anything else but those shoes....just find the shoes." Yeah, that's what I would do.

*Offers a dramatic sigh*  I don't have to tell anyone who has been to {mon tissu} what happened then.  I am sure it has happened to many a strong woman. 

Hello, My name is Krysta, and I am a fallen woman at the feet of {mon tissu}.  I bought the shoes, I sure did!

And a pair of pants, two Boho blouses, because one certainly wasn't enough....and a plethora of other items.  I banned myself from {mon tissu}.

I mean, I tried.  Only, I am an addict now...and when MESH hit the scene, well...I was there to grab the Lycia tank and bra...that's all I meant to get, but I walked out with the Sloane pumps and....lawd, you guys get the idea.

So when I heard about the contest, I wondered how I would do justice?  I am glad I have two chances...because one isn't enough.  I thought....the shoes that started it all and that (I AM SO SORRY) I have blogged quite a few times since, would be instrumental so....I shop...and what do I need?  A smart little number from {mon tissu} will do just fine!   I love the gathered material around the tie of the dress, it offers a really realistic and soft look with the shadows and the bow. 

The shoes, which I still absolutely love a year later, have the same attention to detail and soft look I love most from {mon tissu}. The heel?  That wooden heel?  Yeah, that's one of my favorite parts, but the cute lil ruffle on the front, the shadows....they sold me on this shoe.  I admit, I didn't even see the side strap until I bought them and put them on.  It is a super cute heel...why are you still sitting here?
In the end, I decided the shopping bags weren't enough and snagged me another....the cute little Weekend Traveler...well it just put me in the mood for this small travel back in time.

{mon tissu} has moved though and all that remains of the old little store front are my memories and a wishing fountain...but if you are a true blue lover of the brand, you can grab your Weekend Travel bag and head on over to  Mayfair and get to shopping!

 Place? - Tres Blah....the old spot for {mon tissu}

 Pose - EverGlow - GirlS 611  from the Girl Poses #62
Pose - Still Life - [elegant] topsy turvy

Shape - Sibelle Ingmann - Krysta
Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sky Eyes (Sapphire Night w3)
Hair - Exile - Miu in Light Brown - Maple
Skin - LAQ - Tasha2 in Nougat
Watch - Donna Flora - Samara Watch
Eye Shadow - {.essences.} - Koral Eyelashes
Lipstick - Pink Fuel - Elly Juicy Gloss, Lingere Pink
Nails - Pixel Mode - Sculpted Nails v2 Long
Bag - {mon tissu} - Weekend Traveler (MESH)
Shopping Bags - {mon tissu} - Everything I bought!? LOL
Briefcase - Brinks Lemmon - Agent Briefcase in Dark
Shoes - {mon tissu} - Montsegur Pumps in Camel
Glasses - GizzA - Elegant Steps Glasses from Vintage Fair
Socks - The Sea Hole - Crochet Knee Sock in Porcelain
Dress - {mon tissu} - Lacey Dress ~ Cherie (MESH) 

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