Friday, August 10, 2012

Dangerously Beautiful.... happened.  Inspiration Struck and I didn't even have to wait until the end of the month!!
So ladies, while Vintage fashion is wide range of wonderful styles, the times between the 20's and the 80's were a revolution for women. 

We got to vote....we left our homes and worked....and we proved to everyone we were just as fantastic as anyone else.  So in that spirit....

Never mess with a beauty school drop out!!!

I love this jacket.  Honest...I stood in the store and stared at it for nearly an hour trying to decide if I would ever wear it.  I asked friends, I asked RH.....from him I got.  "It's leather?  Black?  and Pink?  Get it!" sight unseen, the jacket had his vote!  I did get it and I am glad I did....

The guns....umm..WOW How hawt are those poses?  Right?  Right?! The pack comes with two guns and they are menu driven so you can change the color....and every girl NEEDS her own Desert Eagle (I almost wrote dessert eagle! LOL)

I am happy with the look, it felt great doing it and well....if it doesn't win, it's still the high light of my Vintage Fair this year!!!  I had a blast and so much fun!!! 

Hair - Chemistry - Vines in Black (Vintage Fair)
Eyes - Hoot - Sunrise Eyes in Soft Green
Skin - [:ME:] - Venice Native Tone (May Gift)

Eyelashes - Garage - Eyelashes v.8
Lipstick - Pink Fuel - Glam Lipstick in Cherry
Earrings - Dahlinks - Pearl Studs (Vintage Fair)
Necklace - Lazuri - Classic Pearls

Bodysuit - ::Hucci:: - Misha Bodysuit in Deep Pink
Jacket - {TD} - Pink Ladies in Black (Vintage Fair)
Leather Pants - J.H. Couture - Willow Leather in Black
Shoes - [Monso] - My Fabric Oxford

Pose Set - Bounce This Pose - Girls Gun Pose Pack (Vintage Fair)

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