Thursday, August 9, 2012

Baroque as a Diva!!!

That's how I feel, broke as a diva!! Ha Ha! With all the events lately my pockets are screaming for mercy and my animations in my builds, and the textures, are suffering.  They plead for me to stop buying clothes and start doing some quality builds!  I shall heed it....for now.  NO MORE SHOPPING!

I admit, I am steering away from the Vintage Fair things....only because I keep looking at the flickr feed and psyching myself out!  Like, how do I even compete with the talent there for CHIC contest?  I will get to it though, I still have til the 20th and maybe, just maybe I will be so inspired I take someones breath away!

But until then, you get my treasures from Collabor88!!! 

I snagged the Baroque little number because it fit in with the furniture in my big old fat house I never go in.....ha ha!  And because it is really cute.  While MESH has taken the fashion world by storm, I loathe to part with some of the really cute non mesh items and this is one of them!!

DIVA has really been making a statement lately and this cute little number with the amazing "DO ANYTHING MENU HEADBAND JEWELS" is pretty nifty!! Okay, admittedly that isn't the name...of the hair...or the headband, but it is pretty nifty! The Manon hair is really nice and DIVA hair always has that wispy look to it when I am in a whimsical mood. 

Stop through Collabor88 and snag you some swag!!

Diva Hair - Manon - Brown
Eyes - Malfly - Deep Sky Sapphire Night
Skin - LAQ - Susan
Shape - Sibele Ingmann - Krysta

Dress - (NO) - Baroque Bustle Mini - Green/Taupe
Jewelry - League- Pearl & Lace Pastel Set
Shoes - BM - Julia Badmask in Smokey Blue

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