Thursday, June 7, 2012

Triple Threat Dress!

Okay, so I love the new mesh stuff.  I hate people looking up my dress!  I hate my cha cha out for the world to see....which equals....I LOVE CHOAS NEW BEACH  POCKET DRESS!  CHECK IT!!


No seriously, I did a few flips, some karate moves, a drop kick and here, you know the normal movements....there was not even a peak!  SHORT DRESSES HERE I COME!

Also, another thing I really love about this dress is....I don't need to shrink my legs into twiggy sticks to fit into it. I think a girl should have a lil somefin somefin to hold onto, so admittedly my avi has a bit of...that.  -.0

SO when I wear a short dress, I end up hating it cause I gotta shrinka dink down to like some...willowed out version of a pixie stick and ladies....I DO NOT LIKE! 

So then I don't wear it, feel mah pain?!

Right so....this new Mesh Dress from Chaos is three wonderful things.

One:  Short without being revealing
Two:  A good fit
Three:  99L LADIES WHAT?!!! WHAT!  OMG Why are you still reading this blog and not running over there and grabbing this cute dress.  DO IT!

The End.

Dress - Chaos - Beach Dress in White

Hair - Wasabii Pills - Anias in Black
Shape - Krysta - Sibele Ingemann
Skin - Filthy - Tina

Bracelets - Whippet and Bucket - Simple Polished Cuffs
Necklace/Earrings - PM - Cubixs II in Purple
Shoes - LaRosa - Mesh Style Sandals

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