Friday, May 11, 2012

Intrepid @ DA BEACH BABY!

When I was a kid, my step mother was one of those like...gotta be tan....ladies.  So when summer started up, she was always saying "Time for da beach baby!" in this loud excited voice and she would drag us kids down there and make us sit out there in the hot wet nasty sticky sand for hours.....and hours...while she tanned.  I love the sound of the beach, the way the breeze feels, the smell....I hate the you can imagine that the SL beaches sorta DO IT FOR ME (You know, cept the smell and feel!)  But I got a good imagination. 

When I saw the crochet bikini at Intrepid, I almost passed it up. One, I have a thousand bikinis in my inventory....two....YOU MIPE SEE NIPPLAGE!!  Turns out, I could use one more and it doesn't show anything, which makes me a happy camper!

Besides, I don't have one like this!   It's a small little shop, but the designs are well made and come's summer...IT'S TIME FOR DA BEACH BABY!!!!

Glasses - Kalnins - Sedony
Bikini - Intrepid - Crochet Circle Bikini
Hair/Hat - Amacci - Andrea

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