Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sinfully Done...

The Festival of Sin has opened it's doors to the sinful and while I like to consider myself...sinless, lets all take off the rose colored glasses and accept that no one is perfect! The lag wasn't so bad and I managed to get down and dirty with the gluttony of shopping and lusted after a ton of goodies.  Don't worry, the lag kept me well in line with the sloth factor and before long I was using up all my wrath at the dang things not rezzing fast enough for me.

No worries, my greed got me passed it and I remained to get more than I bargined for.  Unfortunately for my vanity, I didn't get to see it all...I envy those that did.

I think that's enough sin for today, don't you?

The hair...WASABI!!!! I spent about a kajillion lindens there last night.  I cannot get over a glance over my shoulder and my hair isn't through my jumblie!  I am sorry, I just love that.
The body suit is from [AddiCt] and just a perfect addition to a leopard lovers wardrobe and that would be...me.  The heels?  Do not make me go into the heels...for ridiculously cheap, the heels will let you add some bows, change a ton of colors, and well...just get them, you will not regret it! 

I hadn't a chance to blog much about the time I spent in the Juicy Crush on You! but of all my purchases, I love this shape the most.  Let's be honest, none of us look like these stick like avatars running around and well, who wants to I say!  I like her so much because she is a bit of me...real me.  Curvy and absolutely stunning....wow I had some pride in there too...whoopsie! 

Also, for all you gluttony prone people out there, I got a snippet more to show...not of me!  Something for the guys out there.  A most dear friend has 'blessed' me with his permission to actually blog his stuff.  So, while I could have dressed up and put on my man juice avi...I didn't wanna put his to shame...so I snapped some while he wasn't looking -grins- 

You have to check out his designs.  Affordable?  Check!  Lotsa Layers?  Check Check!  Stylish?  Check Check Check!!  I will blog about his dress designs later...I have lots to say about them and pictures...so stay tuned, I will get to it I am sure. 

Skin - Chaisuki Elsie Glossy Nude
Shape - Savoir Faire Shapes - Lola
Hair - Wasabi Pills - MESH Cherilyn in Chocolate
Eyes - Amacci - Sapphire Eyes - 15

Bracelet - Ling-Ling White
Earrings - JCNY - Ultra Classic Diamond Studs
Necklace - Kinshi - Bai Necklace

Heels - [Gos] - Pimp Your Pumps Pointe Platform
Bodysuit - [AddiCt] - Leopard's Rage - Blood
Eyelashes - Garage - Eyelashes 08

ALL POSES and PROPS - [LAP] Filthy Rich

Now for him!  The Rispetto Designs creator has unknowingly posed for me...I think I get kudos for snapping awesome shots unknown!  I am like a sneak creep snapper!  -laughs-  But the Nuovo Outfit is a polo inspired outfit that comes in 7 colors and is part of his casual wear collection.  Guys, serious?  Seriously!?  You need to pop on over and grab you some clothes!

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