Friday, February 24, 2012

The Boots & The Furr...

So its Friday night and a whole week has gone by....and I am just trying to catch up!  I mean, I went to the WASH this week and got tons of stuff...and then to the Festival of Sin....who got Greedy and took up all my blogging!

So, tonight, after more blogs about Not the WASH! I finally got a chance to OPEN what I got.  I tossed together a few things I gathered this week, tried on a skin in my inventory I've had forever but rarely wear and KAZAM!  You got the Boots and the FURR!!!!
I am about to hit the floor for REAL! Z!

First let me just say, I love love Bliss.  The stuff from Bliss Couture is always epic nice for me, but this fur is...I get confused about what I am looking at.  Is it fur or is cotton candy?  I am not so sure, maybe its my dang VIEWER!

And the skin, well...I love Pink Fuel's Elly...I adore the make up that it comes with, but I think this may be a bit "Girl your foundation is showing ALL OVER!" for me...but well worth the make up combos that came with it is what I say!

The boots?  Well, for 10 Linden I ain't complaining, but honestly, they are cute as a button and I woulda spent more for them....a great find.  As were these super cute jeans from Sn@tch!  So in all, upon inspecting the outfit, the inexpensive stuff is what did it for me this week! SO KUDOS TO THE WASH!!!

Eyes - Mayfly - Deep Sea
Shape - Sibele Ingman - Krysta
Skin - Pink Fuel - Elly in Cocoa Pure
Birth Mark - Miamai - LesMake ups Birthmark 3
Eyelashes - Garage - Eyelash tattoo 007
LipGloss - Pink Fuel - Juicy Gloss Lingere Pink
Nail - [PM] - Sculpted Nails
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Dragon in Chocolate

Jacket - Bliss - Fur Lecker Bodice
Jeans - Sn@tch - Lyric Blue Jeans
Boots - Duh! - Knit Leather Boots in Peach
Bag - Tee*fy - Street Parker Shoulder Bag!

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