Saturday, December 10, 2011

Onward Winter Wonderland!

On with the Winter Stuff! 

I normally steer clear of some stores, not because they are not quality, but because I have a certain dress code.  I hate being naked in Second Life.  My Friends make fun of me, I am just as careful with my second life naked as I am with my real life.  So, for the most part, you won't find me skipping through SL with my jumblies hanging out or my buttcrack shown to the world.

:Beautiful Dirty Rich: is a store that I tempt myself with, so I avoid it...BUT sometimes I find something there I could totally wear and not feel shy.  This winter fun outfit is adorable.  Not a big ear and tail girl, but the ears look like they are part of the hat!  It's too cute!

I love the sweater, the lil hat, the BOOTS!  I mean, come on...who wouldn't pay one price to get this entire set?!  You must head over to :Beautiful Dirty Rich: 

For those Neko Lovers, it has a tail too, that isn't pictured.  Sorry I just couldn't make it work for me -grins- BUT It's an adorable set and well worth the trip over to BDR! 

Skin ~ LAQ - Susan in Mocha
Shape ~ KRYSTA - By Sibele Ingmann (Yes, I finally got a custom one!)
Hair ~ [e] Rush - Black 04
Eyes ~ Exodi - Reflective Green Eyes
Nails ~ [PM] - Sculpted Nails V2
Outfit ~ ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... Keep Me Warm in Black!

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