Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let's Get Some Shoooess

My feet are KILLING ME!!  And I only made it halfway through....I thought I could hang, but the Shoe Fair has won...for today!

I did ...spend too much.  But had to share the designs I got!  GLEE FOR SHOES!!!!

GOS - Platform Pumps in White/Black

These come in dual color selections and I am all about shoes with huds...instead of those insanely expensive FAT PACKS.  Give me a hud with colors and I AM THERE!  I got white and black and am able to change the heels, strap, platform, and sole between those colors. 

Bedlam - Huntress Boots

Did I mention...I love a good hud.  AND these were totally inexpensive.  I love them and you have a whole selection of prints to choose from. I just picked an orange and brown theme for the pic...but there are tons of colors to choose from.  Only thing I don't like, is having to click each shoe...but I guess if I wanted one red and one purple, I could totally do that. 

HOC Industries - Noir Pumps

Umm..OMG...these totally could replace my adoration for my lovely round tipped stilettos from Opium.  They have more colors and while its not a click and change like Opiums, it is still pretty easy and...I LOVE!!! They say Noir, but totally color change!

Decoy - Lydia Boots in Grey

No color change, but worth the price considering I sort of love how the top folds over the base there.  Skinny jeans, here I come.

Mon Tissu - Montsegur Pumps in Camel

I got tired of showing everyone my gross ankles!  Besides, I saw my friend Josette where her socks like this and had to try it out!  I been drooling over these heels since I spotted them on the Angie...and couldn't find them at the Main Store because I am retarded....but today.  TADA!!!! YAY!

Sassy Kitty Designs - Rockabilly Slippers in Black

Ahhh...after all that walking, I needed these.  They come with six different little designs on them so for 80 linden its an awesome buy!

So yes, this is what I did let me go make dinner or I will die of starvations...but feet will be well adorned!

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