Thursday, April 14, 2011

Slandering Filandering....

And so also the power of the written word is...amazing.  I plan on using that now to help a dear and wonderful friend.

Almost a year and a half ago I was introduced to Josette Amiot.  She was eager, excited, and so willing to help me with a garden idea.  As we talked, I learned we had so much in common.  But one thing....where I am very outward and intense with my vocal opinions, Josette is sweet, mild, and kind.  She has a gentle persuasion about her that makes someone think of an older sister or a dear dear Aunt (not that she is old or anything).  She has a wisdom and kindness that is, so far as I have seen in SL, unparallelled.  She has NEVER said a cruel or mean thing, she is always always the one with an upside, a different viewpoint...even when it goes against my own vocal opions.  She simply smiles, nods, and does what she feels is best.  Nine times out of ten, she is right.

Josette has a kind stubborness, a sweet well mannered way of doing things that doesn't take away from someone else but uplifts and encourages.

So imagine my surprise when I get a link to a specific YouTube video....slandering her very name.  Now, I realize everyone has their opinion and they are allowed, just as I am here, to advocate that opinion....but when you take the name of someone and put it in with a clumped up group without true knowledge of that person personally, well...I think that's pretty DUMB!  That is like trying to play tennis without the ball you bleeding idiot!

Sure, I don't have much good to say of I say it of Champion and I don't do it on public forums because, well...I got class like that fo' sho!  (-does realizes she said that AFTER calling someone a bleeding idiot but rationalizes that she didn't use a specific name so it's cool in the mix.)
In the end though...Josette the bomb jiggity smiggity sweet cupcake face and if you don't think so, then you clearly do not know her so Foda-se!

Quote Of Smart Man: "So Caramellbana gets rejected by ROB and puts up a video to 'expose' ROB (NAME CHANGE) and the girls she's jealous of. (See, anyone can post stuff without research!)

Would have /maybe/ been interesting to follow up on had the scripters name been correct (I guess it's not easy to read through the tears- with the broken heart and all). And a few 'key players' not being listed. Still, more than willing to get more details if you have them, Caramellbanana. Look me up in world.
-Miguel Devanter"

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