Thursday, April 14, 2011

Rites of the Queen of Shasta!

So, it's time for a place again and since my other two favorites are not quite yet ready, today we will take a Star Journey.  Lately, I have come in possesion of a small planet called Shasta...myself and the King, well we like it well enough to have developed the land, the foundation of our warrior structure, the warrior's rites as well as the beginings of...well..their native tounge.  Suffice it to say, the King and I have a large imagination and our Shasta (Pronounced: Shhhhaaassstaaaaa in a reverent whisper..) is only in our dreams.  Still, it is why I decided upon a sort of Stars Journey.  I have questions, this place seemed to have some answers and we go.

First things first.  WARDROBE CHANGE!  I can't be exploring the stars in my Gucci Sunglasses and Armidi dress after all, someone will see my starburst!

I choose to look a bit...different and well what is the point unless I can go all out and I REFUSED to buy anything else...I have been on a week long shopping binge that must end NOW! 

So...I tp in...I get a hud, some instructions, and off I go.  I follow the arrows, as indicated, while thinking of what my GOAL is at the end of this Star Journey.  I could, of course, make some silly goal, but's a Star Journey and in respect of the creators of this sim...I've decided to take it seriously.  So...My goal at the end of this simply profound. 

I want to smile while I am here...a real smile, that makes my cheeks hurt and I want to marvel. 
Simple enough.

So as I come to the end of the arrow path I am in a room lined with art and I am then instructed to pick the one whose title appeals to me the I DO!

I am given coordinates, a free gift, and a notecard about this place I have picked...and TP'ed off I go. 

While this new place rezzes, I read the notecard about the artist.  Apparently, according to the notecard the art here is described as "Trippy", "Psychedellic", and "Who Needs Acid Tabs"  I tend to agree, because it did indeed rezz and I was....confused about what was going on and a lil dizzy in the mix.  I was hitting the hud I had, trying to get out of the lights and colors and remembering why I was here in the first place...oh right, to smile.  It did indeed remind me of a Perfect Union...of insanity!  The King Would LOVE IT!

But I skip around a bit finally and find a small disk like the one in the front that I know I am supposed to touch and so...I touch and then get my key sign.  ALRIGHT! I am on this!

So I hit the disk three times for my little signs.  I get a Lightening, Mud, and Morning. 

Hmmm...and instructions to open up a notecard and tp to the place called lightening.  Got it!

Upon entering Lightening, I notice a small card and click it...touch my hud and get this message:  Lightning surrounds you with the 'Critical State': Think of conditions that are unstable, critical, unleashed energy (2)

I hope it doesn't make my hair stand on end...I just washed it this morning! So I am charting my responses from the notecard and they are below for your viewing pleasure....-is so confused at this point-

1. FIRST IMPRESSIONS – When you first see the symbol, take note of what words or pictures come into your mind.  Lightening, flashes, hot, storms

2. KEYWORDS – What does the symbol say in chat?  What do these words make you think of, in terms of your situation? I am not happy I guess, in need of a smile.  THUS THE JOURNEY DOH!  When I am not happy...NO ONE IS DANGIT!!  -critical level reached...

3. LEVEL OF LIVING – What is the Level  of your symbol? The level is found within the (    )  of your object name, (example: SAND (STATE)). How do these levels relate to you and your topic? State (Condition)

I have to do this with all three...but I am pausing here to take some pictures...of...lightening..
MUD - Mud surrounds you with the 'State of Frustration': Think of conditions that are complex, immobile, fertile (4)

1. I saw a mud wrestingly pit!  It better not mess up my shoes....

2. frustration, it always makes me think of the K word...-sighs-  Complex, Immobile.  Yep.  HA HA...-mutters- I'd like to put someone in that wrestling pit...and kick the mud out of them!

3. State (Condition)

MORNING (GIFT) -  Play the crystal bowls, sit in the golden arch and revel in the Morning.: This gift promises forever a new day, awakening and renewal. (47)

1.  New beginings, start overs, something fresh...not the eggs those chickens were laying though...oh PHOTO OP!

2. Ahh...there is the smile...the real one spilling across my face.  Who would have thunk it!  I think I will sit and play a bit.

3. GIFT (Ability)

I then was TPed to a pod...and there were many pods....and I picked one and was asked to meditate.  HA!  If you know me, here in SL, I do not sit still and envision a resolution and well...I am in a better mood and I got some pictures so...GOAL ACCOMPLISHED!

MY THOUGHTS?: While not as visually lovely as I'd was an experience...and there were some places that were actually pretty interesting.  I enjoyed it, I'd take a friend back to explore a bit more. the end?

My Star Journey did make me smile...and now I really feel like the Queen of Shassssstttttaaaaa.....and I know that I have the ability to make my own happiness...and my own smiles. 

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