Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Summerisle is a loving creation of Lyssa Sapeur and Straight Razor...both awesome creators of awesome things within SL!

So, we've come to it...I have decided again (I am full of decisions!) that all my first posts will be the places I love the most, leading up to the Number One Spot for me in this big old SL world.  And guess what else...I love fashion too much not to include it now and then!!
Is anyone a big fan of LOST?  Do you wail and bemoan it's departure from midweek television and the lack of Jackate and Sawyette???  OR even Sawykate and Jackertte!  Or...let me stop...I am not so good with the couple names!  Well, I bemoan my friends and I wail.  But whenever things look bleak Summerisle is right there to pick me back up again. 
I always come in from the back end, but from the's like a LOST repeat in motion and I have to admit, there are a few things I ADORE about this place, but the thing that sticks out (I DO MEAN THAT PUN!) is the Wikka Man.  Wicker Man....but I like to call him the Wikka Man!  He stands on the beach, ready and waiting as the fire rolls hot and dangerous under him and really...I have concerns for him until I realize the game.
The game is...the Wikka Man will eat you and that fire?  Yeah, the one that I am so worried will burn him doesn't.  It warms me up as I dance around inside his stomach!  It's creepy...its crazy....and I cannot help but go back and look at it over and over...and yes...I've danced in the shadow of the Wikka Man like some cultish lost soul and I WILL DO IT AGAIN!

Up the beach and over the hill the land pans out to a more manageable fear level...into almost calm meandering of a well organized park...where I can of course shop!  This is the headquarters and factory area for some pretty amazing prim babies..-grins-  Bundleworks Baby Adoption Boutique has some of the cutest little ones and while I am not apt to buy children...if you want...she will will be good!

But I digress, we are getting to the meat and potatoes of why I actually love this place so much.  One, it neighbors my land with a swinging type bridge that is also reminiscent of has...the best movie theatre in all of SL with a selection of at least 8 movies at all time.  I mean, every month it changes and so I can go twice a week and sometimes three times and see...okay let me calm down and stop this excited run on sentence.  I love the movie theatre there and I love going and hanging out.  The thing about the movie theatre...the animation in the chair.  Okay, I know your first instinct is to jump out and go OMG No No...but don't...wait for it...revenge is sweet.  That is all I am saying about that.

Inside the building is a few other cute little stores and I've gained an adorable work out outfit here and there in my travels to Summerisle.  It's a sure check it out and see...
Outside, off towards the meandering path once more, there are yet more...interesting places to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight.  Have you ever?  Sorry!  Have to pull myself out of the movie mind though and even away from the TV.  I can't help it, Summerisle entertains me! 

Memorial to friends, gone from SL and proof that we aren't forgotten here.  Our footprints and our words, our charismatic gestures and insane impromptu dance parties in the middle of a foreign shopping not go unnoticed or forgotten.  We imprint upon people here and are remembered when we go.  So be kind...rewind. 
Sorry, I couldn't help it!

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