Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lisbon, Portugal

Where do I go first? I asked my friends, I checked around and I had two immediate places I wanted to blog about. is not quite complete and you deserve the full picture. So, to Portugal I go, into Lisbon the city that, I am assured, is the best city in the world. I am half tempted to believe though my friend is simply bias. My flight landed (TP ENDED) and instantly I am hearing voices and the language is...not mine. No worries, I am curious and this is part of traveling, sim? yes in Portuguese. Sim, I learn!

The lag is not so horrible which is an instant plus and amidst the sounds of chattering Portuguese people I begin to roam. The place I've landed is a sort of central area with a statue. A statue, I am told, that in Lisbon is a central party point. I, of course, immediately think of all the people who have peed on that statue. Really! I don't know why....but statue and party equals pee to me. Enjoy my math.

So...moving along...

I snap a few shots of the statue of parties and move along passed the shark that threatens to snap at me. Tons of places to shop and! There is an xtreme shop there, that's where the shark is and it me...and then it chewed on me while my friends laughed on...until it spit blood out. Ha, that's what they get for their laughter. I think next time I travel, it will be alone. Still, I do suggest you try the shark, if for nothing else then a great laugh.

Ponder Moment: We do we laugh at someone being eaten by a shark? It isn't really funny at all, is it?

I wanted to get lost and so off of the main square I went. I spotted some great places to for rent spots on the beach. Completely open and I don't even know why, they were right near a main hub of shopping and traffic and people and if you want to live in a city...this is the place, right?

This is also the place for sports. EA Sports, it's in the game....clearly I've been playing too many video games. Not successfully of course, I know about sports, I cannot and will not play them and mostly...I just like the

way the crowd feels. And the hotdogs! Each event has a song and a food. It's my mantra in life I tell you. Okay, so in Lisbon the sport...of And never..ever...ever talk against the Lisbon Lions. It's sacrilege here.

So EA SPORTS? Really, it's just EA SOCCER/FUTEBOL. Tons of great jerseys though and yes, I got me one. You don't go anywhere in the world and not get a shirt!

I took my jersey and skipped on down the road. Lots of places to rent and lots of empty spots. I want to get lost, go down side streets, find some hidden I would in the REAL PLACE....-sighs- so I did find a few little twists and turns that ended me in another little open area. Can you guess? A park sandbox....always a handy dandy thing to have around. Did I mention the shopping? Lots of shopping spots. Is that what we do in SL most...that is what I am wondering and I am not..AM NOT asking myself because...that's a lot of what I do in SL.

So in all, I did enjoy my day in Lisbon and I did actually get in a fun dance with a funny lady who..I didn't understand at all...but wow could she move. The people are friendly, the place is not laggy, and while it could use some more FEEL for the city itself, it was pretty fun and ...I got eaten by a shark. Who is complaining?!

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